Know your dreamland of USA and the typical tour costs along with the Prompt Bus Charters at competitive rates

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Accommodation –  Needless to comment on the plethora of hotels and rooms available in the USA.







You will find that outside major cities,  there are numerous cheap hotels and motels. Hostels dorm beds cost between $25-40 USD per night. , whereas, cheap motels and hotels like Motel 6 or Super 8 cost begin at $35 USD per night and can be along any highway.

Hotels in cities start at $70 USD per night (in major cities like NYC, they start closer to $100).

You must also remember that in the U.S., prices fluctuate in accordance with a lot factors like region,etc.

Food – The highlight  is that food is available in the US at nominal rates and you can afford to eat them from the fast food and cheap sandwich shops,as well.

Sandwich shops are around $5 USD, fast food will cost you $6 USD per meal (unless you go after the dollar menu), mid-range sit down restaurants will cost between $10-15 USD for a meal and drink.

If you’re going to shop for groceries and cook your own food, expect to spend between $50-60 USD per week.

Transportation –  The transportation system in the US is highly developed and the easiest way to travel around is to depend on a highly skilled and professional car rental agency like the


You should note that the great expanse of America is best seen via car and the open road. There is also an extensive train and bus network  like the MegaBus, BoltBus, and Greyhound.

Moreover, you can also depend on the option of flights which is both quick and expensive.

For cheap flights, consider JetBlue and Southwest. Amtrak runs trains cross-country trains.


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