Tips for renting a Charter Bus in D.C.

Whether you’re coming in for business, tourism, political campaigning, sports, and whatever else that may bring you to the capital, there are several things you should keep in mind when renting a Charter Bus for a group event. Our city is lively, vibrant, rich in history, and still relevant for business today. So it’s no surprise, we get visitors from all over the world. But we wanted to give you a few tips before you book a group trip.


Plan Ahead of Time

There’s nothing more important than planning ahead of time, it can save you both time and money. 

– Know exactly what type of activities you’ll be engaged in and the time involved with each.

– Know your pick up, drop off points, as well as any other stops.

– Know the number of people you’re expecting to transport.

– Know what type of vehicle you’re looking for, the size, and the amenities you’re looking      for.


Determine your Budget

Knowing your budget can help you avoid a lot of headaches, including overspending. It’s important to set apart adequate funds for your group transport, but your planning is what will help you determine the budget. 



If you want professional and prompt service, we suggest you go with a reputable company, we are a company with many years of service in the D.C. area. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself lost with you and your guests in the big city, don’t let it happen to you, we know how to get you in and out on time.

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