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You might be interested to explore the SEE Science Center along with its facilities like the interactive learning center functioning with the aim to foster understanding, enjoyment and achievements in spheres like science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

You might be knowing that the SEE Science Center is open 7 days a week to make you experience the following elements like;

•You will find here the hands-on exhibits with regard to the spheres like forces, light, sound electricity, simple machines, etc.
•The LEGO® Millyard Project on permanent display.
•Gift Shop
•Group programs including tours, labs and LEGO® programs.
•Outreach programs for schools, libraries and community groups
•Camp Summer Science
•Workshops and mini-courses
•Traveling Exhibits
•Function and meeting space
•Annual Family Membership program
•Technology & Innovation Academy


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You might be interested to find here the high tech classroom in the SEE Science Center having diverse technology-focused learning space for the middle and high school students with the classes led by engineers, professors, business owners, scientists and teachers.

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