Ghostbusters Attraction Opening in October at Motiongate Dubai Theme Park and a trip package along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

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With the new Ghostbusters movie in theaters now, fans of the classic film franchise have even more news to get excited about! The Motiongate Dubai theme park has unveiled the world’s first ride based on the original Ghostbusters film.

Opening in October, “Ghostbusters: Battle for New York” will be a dark ride that takes passengers through the streets and scenes of New York City as an homage to the original 1984 film.

Passengers will travel on a virtual Ecto-Pod vehicle and will be armed with proton packs—making them honorary Ghostbusters for the occasion. Guests will help take down notable ghosts, including Slimer, Gozer the Destructor, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and more.

In addition to familiar ghosts and characters, the team at Motiongate Dubai has also recreated iconic settings like Dana’s Apartment and the Temple of Gozer. The more ghosts people blast with their proton packs, the more points they earn at the end of the ride.

“Ghostbusters is a classic film that has inspired generations over the past 30 years, and Motiongate Dubai is finally giving the world the chance for guests to immerse themselves into the film through a world-class Ghostbusters ride, the Ghostbusters live street show and a themed diner,” Dubai Parks and Resorts COO Stanford Pinto told Attractions Magazine. “Guaranteed to be crowd pleasers, we can’t wait to introduce our action-packed Ghostbusters theme park experiences to the world.”

After the “Ghostbusters: Battle for New York” ride is completed, visitors will be immersed in more themed fun from the movie, including a Ghostbusters boy band, a live musical show, dance, humor and photo opportunities.

Add in the fact that the theme park will also feature a restaurant called “Slimer’s Diner” which will serve movie-themed food—including a green drink called Slimer’s Slush—and this will be the most fully immersive Ghostbusters experience in the world.


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