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  1. Healthy Cuisine Choices 

healthy food

The point is that the year 2015 offered a healthy line of hotels and cruise lines and it is to continue this year as well.

The experts in the field of tourism have already noted 2 points in this regard- experiential-based travel and wellness travel.

The point is that side by side with the  farm-to-table meals, organic ingredients and a greater number of healthy alternatives, people are seeking out services that offer some kind of relief – from technology, from hectic schedules, from stress – and these services are being offered.

2. Tech-Forward Fitness Amenities


It is interesting to note that in addition to nutritious meals and replenishing spa treatments, hotels, resorts and airports are targeting fitness junkies with high-tech gadgets and state-of-the-art facilities.

Moreover, a handful of hoteliers are also courting road warriors and fitness-focused travelers with complimentary gear.

3.Expanding Health-Oriented Activities at the Airport


There are also a number of airports rendering convenient wellness services and facilities, a number offer lounges, trails and fitness equipment to keep you relaxed as well.

For example,  Chicago’s O’Hare offers an 8,000-square-foot fitness center at the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport Hotel, which is ideally situated across from three terminals, and only requires a small fee, Lewis says.

4.Services to Help You Relax (and Sleep)


A rising number of hotels render a restful night’s sleep with snooze-inducing amenities.

You will find the menu is being packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals that will help to rest and recovery and reset sleep-wake cycles.

5.Getaways Designed for Active Travelers


If you love adventure, then there are resorts that offer ample space for physical challenge.

6.Incorporating Medical Programs Into Wellness Packages

get fit

Medical testing is increasingly offered as a component of wellness retreats along with options to get nutrition evaluations to identify health concerns and create tailored nutritional regimens based on individual health issues and lifestyles.

Through a partnership with a nearby medical center, the resort offers “a four-night package that includes body composition and metabolic testing as well.

7. Health and Wellness Services According to Your Taste


You might be knowing that destinations across the globe are collecting their wellness-type offerings like spas, active tours, hot springs, culinary tours, etc. under designated ‘health and wellness’ or ‘wellbeing’ tabs on their websites.

The fact is that certain wellness centres are customizing their packages finetuned to the travelers’ personal interests as well.

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