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The inception of this museum can be traced back with the Dr. Henry Morris’ Institute of Creation Research launched the Creation and Earth History Museum in 1992. Then for the next 16 years, ICR developed and grew the exhibits with a mission to equip believers with evidence of the Bible’s accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework. Upon ICR’s move to Texas in 2008, the entire museum and its contents were sold to Scantibodies Laboratory, Inc.

You will find here in the museum features like the Biblical account of the creation of the Earth from day one to seven

You will come to understand that the Creation and Earth History Museum is being dedicated to the biblical account of science and history with its 10,000 sq. ft. showcasing for a literal six-day creation and young earth, including a human anatomy exhibit, life-size tabernacle display, age of the earth cave and more.

Creation of the Earth and History

Just enjoy and explore here numerous geographical events and the basis for them such as volcanoes, dinosaurs and Noah’s arc.

It continues to look at the ice age and all the way through to more modern parts of history all through the biblical lens.

The Body

You will also get a chance to visualise as to what happen once your body leaves the Earth history area and you will go into the exhibit they have on the body and its intricacies.

While the museum itself is obviously focused completely on the Christian representation of history I feel like many people would enjoy looking through the museum and pondering some of its questions if they came in with an open mind.


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