says Philadelphia the most expensive city for rental cars and we the Prompt Bus Chartres has much positive professional comments to add to the survey

The Most Expensive Car Rental Destinations in the USA
August 8, 2016
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This summer, car renters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will encounter the highest prices in the USA. A recent survey from came to this determination after comparing 50 main U.S. cities. Each one’s car rental rate during the month of August 2016 served as the basis of comparison.

When it comes to renting a car, the City of Brotherly Love isn’t so brotherly this summer. Renters can expect to spend an average of $83 per rental day at the check-in counter there, and that’s for the city’s cheapest available vehicle. Rounding out the Top 3 are Seattle and Boston at only a few dollars cheaper per day. With average daily rates of $81 and $80, respectively, they take the number two and three spots on the survey.

In contrast, car renters will enjoy low rental rates throughout much of Florida. Orlando, for example, shows the least expensive rate in the USA at a mere $26 per rental day. Its state partners of Miami, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale are also a bargain in comparison to Philadelphia. In all three Floridian cities, visitors should be able to find a vehicle rental for approximately $30 daily.

The following table compares car rental rates of 50 destinations in the USA. The prices shown reflect the average daily rate for the cheapest available car in each locale during the period spanning August 1–31, 2016. For comparative purposes, each respective city’s airport was chosen as the Pick-Up and Drop-Off location.

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  • 1.Philadelphia$83
  • 2.Seattle$81
  • 3.Boston$80
  • 3.Chicago$73
  • 5.Detroit$71
  • 6.Portland$69
  • 7.Cincinnati$67
  • 7.Indianapolis$61
  • 9.Denver$61
  • 9.Cleveland$60
  • 11.Newark$59
  • 11.Albuquerque$59
  • 13.St. Louis$59
  • 14.New York$57
  • 14.Minneapolis$57
  • 14.Buffalo$56
  • 17.Reno$55
  • 17.Atlanta$55
  • 19.New Orleans55
  • 20.Nashville$55
  • 21.Tucson$53
  • 21.Dallas$53
  • 23.Sacramento$53
  • 24.Austin$52
  • 24.Houston$52
  • 26.Oakland$52
  • 27.Kansas City$51
  • 27.Memphis$51
  • 29.Washington DC$50
  • 30.Raleigh$49
  • 30.San Jose$48
  • 30.San Francisco$47
  • 30.Jacksonville$47
  • 30.Salt Lake City$46
  • 35.Palm Springs$45
  • 36.Pittsburgh$45
  • 37.Savannah$45
  • 38.San Antonio$45
  • 39.Baltimore$44
  • 40.Milwaukee$44
  • 41.Charlotte$43
  • 41.Phoenix$42
  • 41.Honolulu$42
  • 41.Las Vegas$41
  • 45.Los Angeles$41
  • 45.San Diego$40
  • 47.Fort Lauderdale$32
  • 48.Tampa$30
  • 48.Miami$28
  • 50.Orlando$26



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