Philadelphia Charter Bus Rental

The city of brotherly love is one that attracts thousands of tourists every year. From its cultural and historic importance to its economic prowess, it is a city that draws crowds from all walks of life. While there are different options for transport in the city, a charter bus is the best way to get around the city as a group.



Whether you’re here on vacation or business, PromptBusCharters is committed to getting you in and out on time. We are the most preferred transportation provider for folks seeking efficient and prompt transport. From Conferences, Conventions, Exhibitions, Seminars to Weddings, and Corporate events to any group event, we’re here to support you all the way.


No matter the size of your group, we can accommodate them all. From Coach Buses and Mini Buses, to Party Buses, School Buses, and Van rentals, we have the vehicle you’re looking for. What’s more? You can book your trip without advanced notice, and we’ll find a vehicle for you just in time for your event.

Making a reservation with us is easy. We’re just a click away, at You can also call us at 1-877-456-9996, and our trips specialists will walk you through the entire process, from quote request to product delivery, we’re by your side. 


Wedding Transportation

It’s your big day, and you’re scrambling to find transport for you and your guests. Managing a wedding itself can be a stressful event, let alone managing transportation for a group. That’s why we recommend you leave the transport planning to us. We’ve done thousands of weddings, and have the experience to make your transport seamless. 


If you have guests arriving from different locations, why not arrange a group shuttle transport for them? They can go around the city as a group, and have a memorable experience. 


Shuttle service can take guests between venues as well. When you arrange for a shuttle service, your guests can travel easily between different venues without getting lost or wasting time looking for a parking space. 


Don’t forget to book a bus for yourself. We recommend a party bus, so you can ride in style. Party buses have so many amenities, from a minibar, to a hardwood dancefloor, it comes fully equipped with options for you.


Corporate Groups

Philadelphia is a city of commerce, so we understand why corporate events are held in our city. If you’re holding a corporate event and you want to have your group together and arriving on time, then a charter bus is the perfect way to ensure, that it’s done. Having done thousands of corporate events, we are experts at managing transportation for large scale corporate gatherings, from 5,000 to 50,000 conventions and conferences, we’ve got you covered. 

You can also arrange a shuttle service for your clients to be picked up at the Philadelphia International Airport. A shuttle service will also transport them between their hotel and venue as well.


Charter Buses can also provide an important time of relationship building for your group. What better way to spend quality time together, than going on a city tour to experience all it has to offer? We guarantee you’ll be able to come away with more business during these sessions than having everyone separated in separate cars and away from each other. 


What’s more, onboard you have the option to be more productive than ever before. With WIFI, USB power outlets, Flat Screen TV and more, you’ll be able to get all your work done while traveling. 



Philadelphia is home to some of the best sports teams in the nation. From the Phillies, and Eagles to the 76ers, Philly has it all. We at PromptBusCharters has worked with hundreds of athletes and teams across the region to provide transportation for their games, tailgates, and more. 


If you have a bunch of fans ready to root for your team, and put on a tailgate before the game, then the charter bus option is the best for you. Why have your group separated, when you can root for your team together, and celebrate together at the tailgate together? There is plenty of storage space for all your tailgating supplies, from tents to coolers, we have space for it all. Both the overhead bins, and undercarriage bays provide plenty of space for all your supplies. 



Being the first capital of America, Philadelphia has a lot of historical importance, and with that a lot of historical places to see. Book your next trip on a charter bus, and enjoy time together as a group, be it a family reunion, field trip, sightseeing tour, or church retreat, you’ll have a great time together. 


Don’t rely on public transport to get you around. They work on their own schedules, we work around yours. Don’t forget from Reclining Plush Seating, to WIFI, USB outlets, Flat screen TV’s, DVD Players, and PA Systems, we have all the amenities to give you a great onboard experience as well.