How to Enjoy America’s Grand Canyon in A Charter Bus






There are seven natural wonders of the world, with America’s only (not counting the Northern and Southern Lights) natural wonder being the Grand Canyon. Situated in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is one of the most visited tourist spots in Southwestern United States. Stretching for 277 miles, the Grand Canyon is the path for the Colorado River which runs through it. At its narrowest point, it stretches 4 miles across, and it stretches around 18 miles at its widest point. Attracting over 5 million people each year, the Grand Canyon is one of the most visited national park in the United States. Some might think that the Grand Canyon’s boring and uneventful, but that simply is not true. Below is how to enjoy America’s Grand Canyon.



Grand Canyon Village

The Grand Canyon Village is a fun and touristy place to visit when you arrive at the Grand Canyon. It is a census-designated place, with its origins back when the area’s railroads were built in 1901. Many of the buildings in the village date back to those times, and newer buildings resemble structures that might have been built back in the day. A fun and popular thing to do at the village is riding on the Grand Canyon Railway, which was the railroad built in 1901. The railroad spans 64 miles and offers scenic views. Another great destination in the village is Mather Point, which is a scenic viewpoint from where visitors can see the rock formations of the canyon.



Bright Angel Trail

The Bright Angel Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in Grand Canyon National Park, with its peak being South Rim. It spans for 8 miles, and has an elevation change of over 4,000 feet. Known as a strenuous trail, its probably best for visitors that are ready to conquer steep hiking. A popular way to enjoy the trail is to the rest houses, which can be done at 1.5 miles or 3 miles. That way, some visitors don’t have to go the entire way. For those of you who’re ready to conquer the entire trail, a popular pace is about 2 to 3 days. The trail ends at the Bright Angel Suspension Bridge, with the Bright Angel Campground and Phantom Ranch past.



South Kaibab Trail

The South Kaibab Trail of the Grand Canyon National Park is another popular trail. Its also a quite strenuous hike, so visitors should be ready for the challenge. The round-trip distance is about 14.6 miles, which most hikers completing it in 2 days. The steep trail leads from South Rim to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The trail, unlike many other trails of the Inner Canyon, offer views in all directions, which are perfect for visitors that just want to hike during the day. If you only want to experience part of the trail, the 1.5 mile hike to Ooh-Aah Point is a popular resthouse. The South Kaibab Trail ends at the Kaibab Suspension Bridge, with the Bright Angel Campground and Phantom Ranch laying out further.



Desert View Watchtower

The Desert View Watchtower, located in the Grand Canyon Village, is a stone tower that rises 7 stories to offer spectacular views. The 70-foot high stone structure was designed by Mary Colter, a well-known Grand Canyon architect, in the ‘30s. Many visitors claim this is one of the best stops at the Grand Canyon, especially due to its great views of the canyon. At the location, you can expect to find a deli, a gift shop, a historical center, a small market, and a gas station. We recommend visiting the watchtower earlier in the day to avoid the crowds.



Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is a scenic waterfall of Havasu Creek, which is located within the national park. The 98-foot waterfall is located within the area’s Havasupai tribal lands. The water cascades over beautiful, deep orange cliffs in the desert oasis. The area, filled with lush vegetation and crystal blue water, is contrasted against the harsher desert environment. The desert paradise is just one of five falls in the Havasupai Falls lineup. The others, Navajo, Fifty Foot, Mooney, and Beaver Falls are all located on the Indian reservation as well. The falls are a popular stop when visitors come to see the beauty of the Grand Canyon.



This article is just a small compilation of the beautiful areas to visit when you arrive at the Grand Canyon. The national park offers a lot to do, from sight-seeing to rafting in the Colorado River. Most visitors make it a point to hike on at least one of the many trails at the Grand Canyon. If you’re planning on making the park a vacation lasting several days, there are several nice hotels on-site. They offer discounted family rates and vacation packages. The park lodges should be booked quite early, due to the high volume of tourists. After you visit the Grand Canyon, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the rest of the Arizona area.

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Points to Consider before Planning your trip to the Grand Canyon

Are you planning a trip to America’s #1 attraction? Yep, if you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, there’s a few things you should consider before doing so. So here are some things you should consider before planning a trip to one of the seven natural wonders of the world:

Avoid the summer season: In the summer time it gets way too crowded and hot, and you will be paying more for services as the demand is at its peak.


Consider going in the winter: Winter time is a lot less crowded, and the air is a lot less cooler, and it will be lighter on your wallet.



South Rim is Best: The south rim is more accessible and has more amenities and is best especially if you have small children. The North Rim is not accessible from mid-October to mid-May.


Airports: You can fly into Las Vegas, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon Airport .


Explore the inner canyon: Don’t just drive around the canyon, and explore, get into its depths for a full sublime, in awe experience. You don’t have to go on long hikes to get this experience, you can get in quick short hikes that’ll blow your mind just as much, like the 3 mile (round trip) Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge. You can also explore Skeltal point (6 miles total) or Grandview Trail (2.5 miles total), but a more rugged terrain.


Take Highway 89: If you’re coming from Flagstaff, Arizona, you’ll be tempted to take highway 180 north, but Highway 89 is a less used alternative, and one that will help you stop along the way at viewpoints overlooking the Colorado River Gorge as well as exploring Grandview point along the east rim.

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Ocala, Florida Charter bus service for Group Travel

Ocala, Florida

is a city in central Florida. East of downtown, Fort King National Historic Park was an important Second Seminole War site. There are many tourist attractions available in this city. You can hire a charter bus to explore this city. is one of the best charter bus companies in Ocala. Let’s check out the most important tourist attractions in this city.

1. The Gypsy Gold Farm
2. Silver Springs River
3. Sholom Park
4. Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing
5. Alexander Springs
6. Farm Tours of Ocala
7. Silver Springs State Park
8. Ocala Downtown Square
9. Santos – Belleview Trail
10. Appleton Museum of Art

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North Port, A Better Place for a Charter Bus Trip in Florida

North Port is a city located in Sarasota County, Florida. Visitors like this place because this blessed with many attractions. Let’s find out that attractions.

1. North Port Performing Arts Center
2. Blue Ridge Park
3. North Port Auctions
4. CoolToday Park
5. Heron Creek Golf Course
6. Warm Mineral Springs
7. Escape Rooms Unlocked
8. Bobcat Market
9. Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park
10. Atwater Community Park

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The Ultimate Bus Trip to Coachella Music Festival


When you think of music, you think of the different types of music. When you think of different styles of music, you may think of a music festival. And when you think of a music festival, you DEFINITELY think of Coachella Music Festival. Come on, who wouldn’t think of Coachella!? The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is notoriously popular with those in love with rock, pop, hip hop, indie, and electronic music. The festival is held every year in April at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Indio lies in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley of the Colorado Desert. The first festival was held in 1999, and it has only grown in size and popularity each year. Currently, Coachella entertains over 120,000 people each year.

This year, Coachella is from April 12-21 at the Empire Polo Club in Coachella Valley.

Hundreds of cars are on the road to Coachella every year, and many attendees decide to stay with others. One of the best ways to visit Coachella is by chartered bus. Below are the reasons why you should charter a bus to get to Coachella.



The #1 way we recommend you charter a bus for your trip is comfort. Our buses offer comfort like no other. Our premium leather seats don’t compare to the seats of a normal car. We don’t offer just comfortable seats, but soooo many more features. Our buses feature AC & Heating, Wi-Fi, speaker and PA systems, and much more.



Speaking of Wi-Fi and speaker systems, Prompt Bus Charter buses offer entertainment features unexpected of other companies. Most of our bus models feature high-speed Wi-Fi, so you can always stay connected. We also offer charging ports, usb ports, and electric outlets for charging your devices. Also, our speaker systems cover the length of the bus, so the passengers feel immersed in whatever is playing.



Another great thing about our buses is the storage capability. Our buses feature plenty of storage space, so you can bring all the stuff you want to Coachella. Some buses feature overhead bins, and others offer rear and under-bus storage compartments. The larger bus models feature both overhead bins and storage compartments below. We know that you want to bring a lot of flashy clothes to Coachella. Our buses offer plenty of space for this.



For many, the roads to Coachella Music Festival are unfamiliar and may seem intimidating. That’s where we come in. Our bus drivers are reliable and knowledgeable of every road they drive on. The sheer number of cars on the way there may seem intimidating for some, but our drivers have experienced all types of driving conditions for years. Also, the number of cars may pose a greater cause for accidents. Rest assured, you will be safe in the bus in the event of an accident. Our buses are built with metal plates that can endure most types of stress. Prompt Bus Charters offers you everything in terms of safety, especially on your trip to Coachella.

These are just a few simple reasons to take a bus over car to the famous music festival. We know that you want to have a great time at Coachella, and Prompt Bus Charters is here to help you have a fun and safe trip there and back. From amazing comfort to unparallel safety, we and our buses offer it all. We’ve been doing this for thousands over the course of many years, and we would like to add you to those numbers.

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Happy Travels and have a great time at Coachella!


Philadelphia Charter Buses

Welcome to We have been servicing the city of Brotherly love for many decades, and we are proud to say, we’ve rose to become the #1 company for Charter Bus, Minibus, Party Bus, and School Bus rental services. We are the premiere Bus Charter company servicing Corporate Travel, Weddings, Sightseeing Tours, Shuttle Bus Services, School Field Trips, College Sports Travel and many more!


We are the leading provider of Charter Bus services in the Philadelphia area, with most extensive Fleet of any others in the industry. From our 61 Passenger Deluxe motor coach to our 15 Passenger mini bus, you’ll find our vehicles are the most up to date and state of the art in the transportation industry.





We are the most trusted charter bus service of corporations from Fortune 500 companies to Mid-Smaller size companies. We have consistently provided reliable, safe, and economic services to our clients. In addition, we guarantee a superior onboard experience that will take your travel to a whole new level. When Business needs to be taken care of, we know time is money, and we promise to get you to your destination on time. We will also make sure you will enjoy first class comfort, with our reclining seats with footrests, a world class entertainment center, On Board Lavatory, and WIFI, we’ll also make sure you stay connected to do the business you need to take care of, while en-route.



We know this is the most important day of your life, and we want to make sure your travel is both comfortable and memorable. From our ultra modern Stretch Limousine to our spacious Party Bus, you’ll find the perfect vehicle for your special day. We are sure you’ll have a fun time with your special ones on your special day, in our vehicles. Whether it’s our Fiber optic lighting, and neon lights, or our surround sound and Plasma TV, we’ll create the perfect ambience that you will never forget.



We know the last thing you want to worry about while going out to see sights is struggling to find your way around. Let us help you alleviate that headache, we have been taking people on tours in the city for decades now, and we’ll make sure that every minute of your trip is maximized. With our most Popular Philadelphia Tour Package, we will explore all the main attractions of the city from the Historic Independence Hall and Liberty Bell Center, to the Foodie Paradise of Reading Market, to the Mutter Museum of Medical history, where Sections of Einstein’s brain has been kept preserved, there’ll be no shortage of fun and excitement.


Do you have an upcoming event where you need to shuttle people around, but don’t want to pay individually for separate trips? Then our Shuttle service may be the most economical option for you. Whether you’re trying to transport attendees of your conference/convention/exhibition from the airport, hotel, and Venue; or the  guests of your wedding between different destinations, we can work out a plan that’s just right for you. We are the most preferred service in the region.


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Top 5 tips for Maximizing your Trip to Orlando

Planning a trip to Orlando? Yes, we know! It can be overwhelming. From choosing attractions, hotels, modes of transport, places of dining, the thousands of options can have your mind spinning. But we’ve done the research and have 5 tips that will help you narrow down your choices to your specific criteria.


    1. Plan as early as you can: If you want to get the most out of your stay and money in Orlando we recommend you book as early as possible. From booking flights to hotels to theme park tickets, planning and booking early will save you lots of money. The cheapest months are January, September and November (avoid holiday weekends of course, it may cost you more and you’ll have to deal with larger crowds.
    2. Decide which attractions you specifically plan to visit: If you know anything about theme parks in Orlando, you know it may take you an hour just to get onto a ride, we’re talking about the best and most popular rides. This is why we recommend you specifically plan out which rides you plan to take, and how much time you plan to spend at each attraction/ride. If you plan and book early, you can get free fastpass+ and reserve your rides, so you could skip the lines altogether.


  • Plan some Downtime: Theme parks can be exhausting, because they’re big! The Disney property alone is about 40 square miles, that’s 14 miles more than the city of Newark put together. So if you want to get the best out of your experience, plan breaks, so you can get some time to refresh and be back at it again to maximize your vacation time.


    1. Look for Freebies: From free Fastpass+ to reserve your rides in advance to free shuttles from the Orlando airport to Disney hotels, to Free water, and Medical supplies, there are lots of freebies to be taken advantage of.


  • Make dining reservations in advance: If you’re looking to dine in at popular places, chances are they’re full, so do your due diligence and book then in advance. This is especially important for character dining and special restaurant experiences.



We are the local experts and we know how to help you get the most out of your trip to Orlando. So book with us today at Prompt Bus Charters! From Passenger Vans, Limousines, Minibuses, Motorcoaches, Party Buses, School Buses, we have the most up to date fleet in the market. Let us help you take your vacation to the next level.


2019 Top 3 Picks for Best Restaurants in Orlando

Orlando is known as a haven for foodies the world over, but with increasing competition and fake reviews, finding a decent place to eat can be challenging. You might look at the good reviews of a particular restaurant and go there only to find substandard food and service. So as locals, we thought it our responsibility to tell visitors the truth about the best places to dine in Orlando.

Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine


Fresh and savory Turkish Kebabs are being grilled for really lucky eaters


Since the Mediterranean diet has been touted as the best diet with people of the region living on the average til 89 years of age,we thought we’d start with a restaurant that serves this type of food.

Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine is a Mediterranean establishment with 3 locations throughout Central Florida, and it is a must visit restaurant if you’re ever in the area. From mouth watering kebabs and seafood, to meticulous salads and scrumptious pastries, you’ll find the food here will delight your taste buds with totally new flavor varieties.

While it’s a delicious place to eat, it won’t break the bank either. A party of 2 could have fine dining for under 50 dollars.

Our Secret Tips: If your order the mixed grill for 2, you can sample a variety of meats along with rice and salad for just under 40 dollars. It is a massive portion of food for 2 people. During dinner time, this place will be packed, so we recommend you call ahead and reserve.

Pizza Italia

A delicious seafood delight

Nestled in the heart of lake nona, this restaurant serves authentic italian fare that’ll have you coming back for more. From flavorful, exotic salads to gourmet pizza, decadent pastas, paninis, and strombolis, the food here will surely bring delight to your taste buds. What’s more? The service here is outstanding, with staff that’ll go out of their way to make your dining experience a pleasurable one.

Our Secret Tip: The bread and salad itself can fill you up pretty quickly, so you can go for something light for the main entrees.

The Big Easy

A Delicious, Crab cake Benedict

Located in Winter Garden, this restaurant serves up some delectable Cajun fare. You don’t have to go to New Orleans to enjoy great Cajun food, you can find it right here. From mouth watering Gumbo, Jambalaya, Poboys, and Burgers, to their famous cajun boils, this place has a good variety of cajun specialities.

Our Secret tip: Order the “Big Papa Boil”, it comes with 2 pounds of crawfish, 1 pound of shrimp, sausages, and corn with great cajun seasoning. Even 2 people will fins this meal hard to finish, but it will keep your bill under 40 dollars.
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Corporate Charter Bus & Minibus Service Rental


Prompt Bus Charters has been providing Charter Bus and Minibus rental service, for corporate clients for several decades. From Fortune 500 Companies to start ups, we’re the most trusted name for Reliable, Safe, Efficient, and Economic travel. We also have the most modern and well maintained vehicles in the industry, ensuring you a comfortable, enjoyable, and productive trip.


What’s Special About Us?

Most Modern Fleet

We have the most modern fleet in the industry, ensuring your trip is a comfortable, enjoyable, and productive one.

Superior Comfort: From our plush reclining seats with footrests to the extra legroom, Heating/AC, Onboard lavatory, you’ll find our vehicles give you first class comfort, that’s unmatched in the industry.

Enjoyable Trip: Our vehicles are equipped with state of the art entertainment center, that includes Plasma/LCD TV’s, Surround Sound, Panoramic Windows, and more to ensure you actually enjoy the onboard experience as well.

Productive Trip: With amenities such as: WIFI, Power Outlets, State of the art PA System, Projection System, you’ll find our vehicles will help you stay productive to get all your work done even on the go.


Largest Selection of Buses

From our ultra Luxury Deluxe Motor Coaches, Party and Entertainer Buses, to our more budget friendly Minibuses and Passenger vans, we can handle any size group, with any size budget. Even on short notice, we’ll have a vehicle that fits your need ready for your trip.

Prompt and Efficient Service

When you book with us, not only do you get great vehicles, you also get a superior service. We’re particularly focus on getting you in and out on time. What’s special about our service is, we choose the most efficient routes for your trip. As a matter of fact your trip routes are always pre-planned, with backup routes identified and established ahead of time to compensate for any incidents that may occur on the road. So you never have to be late to another We value your time, because timing is everything.event again.

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Sporting Event Charter Bus Rental Service

Prompt Bus Charters is the leading Charter Bus Rental Service provider of Sports Teams (Members & Staff), and fans alike. From little leagues to professional teams across the United States, we are the most trusted name for Safe, Efficient, Reliable, and Affordable transport.


We have the largest selection of Buses

When you’re looking to book a bus, we can guarantee  you will find the largest selection of buses with us. Whether you’re looking for Minibuses, Party Buses, Deluxe Motor coaches, or School Buses, we

‘ have the vehicles you’re looking for. From ultra luxury to economical, from 15 passengers to 56 passengers, we have vehicles that fit your budget, and the the size of your group.


Lots of Storage for your Group

When you book with us, you can take advantage of all the storage in our vehicles, whether it’s for your team’s equipment, luggage, or tailgate equipment, snacks, tents, etc., we have the room to accommodate everything your group needs to carry along. We have most up to date vehicles that are efficiently designed to carry all of your group’s goods. From our undercarriage compartments to our overhead bins, there’s no shortage of space in our vehicles.

Premium Amenities for a comfortable, enjoyable, and convenient trip

When you book with us, you’re always guaranteed the most modern amenities to make your trip a comfortable and memorable one. We’re not just focused on getting you from point A to B, we want you to have a great onboard experience to make your trip enjoyable. From plush reclining seats with footrests, to panoramic windows, power outlets and WIFI, you’ll have all the amenities for a comfortable, and enjoyable trip all the while staying connected, and getting work done while on the road.

Why not watch a few games and movies and listen to music together, and spend time bonding, and getting to know each other? With our state of the art entertainment center with Plasma/LCD and premium sound, you can have a great time together. Not to mention the PA System that will help you get the attention of your group, whether it be for rehearsing your game strategy, playing icebreakers and games,important announcements, it will always keep your team connected and engaged with each other for great bonding time.

Experienced Travel Experts Who Can get you in and out, Always On Time

Having operated for several decades, we pride ourselves on being an efficient transportation company. This means we choose the most efficient routes to get you in and out on time. In addition your routes are pre-planned, with backup routes established and ready to go before the trip. So, you’ll never have to be late to another event, we plan ahead to compensate even for those unexpected road incidents.

When you book with us, you’ll definitely be a WINNER! So call us today at 877-456-9996
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