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Executive Coach Bus

An executive coach bus is the top of a line coach bus that give the ultimate luxury on the wheels. The executive coach bus has become so popular especially among college sports teams since it provides unparalleled luxury.  From the outside it may look like a regular coach bus, the interior can be mind-blowing. These buses have ample storage space, electric outlets, most modern DVD players and entertainment systems.

 Prompt Bus Charters is the first company in North America to offer these extremely luxury buses to the customers. Born out of the need to have a much more comfortable bus, our designers came up with the plan to build ultra-luxury buses. These buses have become an instant hit. These opulent buses are great for political campaigns, music tours, and corporate events. Please see the features of the executive bus below.

  • 47-51 Passengers
  • Panoramic Front View Window
  • Two 19” TV’s w/Front View Camera
  • USB/110V Each Row (25)
  • Front & Rear Power Shades
  • Trash Can Behind Co-Pilot Seat
  • VIP 19” Seat Upgrade w/3-Point Belts
  • Magazine Holder & Writing Desk on Each Seat
  • Under Belly Luggage (Driver Side)
  • Under Belly Luggage (Passenger Side)
  • Rear Tail Pass-Thru Luggage (Both Sides)
  • M2 Freightliner
  • 6.7L Cummings Diesel
  • 300 Amp Alternator
  • Programmable Fast Idle Control
  • Rear Air Suspension and Controls
  • Dual 50 Gallon Fuel Tanks
  • 13 Gallon Diesel Exhausted Fluid Tank
  • Dual Rear Wheels, Kneeling Capability
  • Allison 2500 PTS Auto Transmission
  • GVWR: 33,000 lbs
  • Payload Plus Package
  • Heavy-Duty Chassis w/Additional Battery
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Cruise Control
  • Air Brakes
  • Dual Rear Wheels
  • Aircraft Style Window Post Cover Treatment
  • Polished Stainless Steel Entry Grab Rails
  • Modesty Panel at Entrance Door
  • LED Interior Lights
  • LED Ceiling Spot Lighting System
  • Full Solid Rear Luggage Partition Wall
  • Touchscreen AM/FM/CD Stereo
  • Driver Navigation System
  • DVD Player w/USB Input
  • PA System w/Driver Mic
  • Back-Up Camera w/Alarm
  • Entry & Aisle Way LED Lighting System
  • 4 Fan Roof Top Condenser
  • 205,000 BTU A/C System w/Blowers
  • Heater Coils Built Into A/C System
  • Dual A/C Compressors TM-16
  • Heavy Duty Insulation
  • Epoxy the Entire Floor Frame for Rust Prevention
  • Tinted Flush Frameless Windows
  • Custom Front Bumper Spoilers w/Fog Lights
  • Power Side View Mirrors (Heated)
  • Rear Luggage Door w/Auto Light
  • 6x Emergency Egress Windows
  • 1x Emergency Roof Escape Hatch
  • Emergency Door Exit Release
  • Red Light @ Each Emergency Exit Window
  • 5lb Fire Extinguisher w/Emergency Triangle Kit
  • Precision Laser Cut Body Steel Cage Framing
  • Multiple Drive Shaft Guards
  • First Aid Kit
  • Altro Transit Wood Pattern Flooring
  • Custom Luggage Racks w/Blue Accent Lighting
  • LED Stepwell Lights w/Automatic Operation w/Door

Additional Options

  • 40” Smart TV Front Wall
  • HD 15” Flip Down TV’s
  • R.E.I. 10” Drop Down TV’s
  • Jensen 10” Drop Down TV’s
  • Interior Cabin Camera
  • R.E.I. Rear Cabin Wall 2nd Stereo DVD
  • Jensen 2nd Microphone
  • Black Paint
  • Paint Color Change
  • Custom Color Change (Non-Black or White)
  • Two-Tone Paint
  • Plug Door (Required)
  • Bathroom
  • Custom Woodgrain Armrest
  • Window Shades
  • Wheelchair Lift (Requires 3 Fold-Away Seats)
  • Fold Away Seats
  • Table – (Formica Top)
  • Table – (Solid Wood)
  • EBB Skylight RGB Plexi Ceiling
  • Wood Finish Cup Holders
  • Power Rear Step
  • Power Entry Door Step
  • Ducted A/C Rack Upgrade
  • Enclosed Luggage Rack Door

Tips for renting a Charter Bus in D.C.


Whether you’re coming in for business, tourism, political campaigning, sports, and whatever else that may bring you to the capital, there are several things you should keep in mind when renting a Charter Bus for a group event. Our city is lively, vibrant, rich in history, and still relevant for business today. So it’s no surprise, we get visitors from all over the world. But we wanted to give you a few tips before you book a group trip.


Plan Ahead of Time

There’s nothing more important than planning ahead of time, it can save you both time and money. 

-Know exactly what type of activities you’ll be engaged in and the time involved with each.

-Know your pick up, drop off points, as well as any other stops.

-Know the number of people you’re expecting to transport.

-Know what type of vehicle you’re looking for, the size, and the amenities you’re looking for.


Determine your Budget

Knowing your budget can help you avoid a lot of headaches, including overspending. It’s important to set apart adequate funds for your group transport, but your planning is what will help you determine the budget. 



If you want professional and prompt service, we suggest you go with a reputable company, we are a company with many years of service in the D.C. area. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself lost with you and your guests in the big city, don’t let it happen to you, we know how to get you in and out on time.

Tips for Renting Charter Buses in Los Angeles


We are a city known not only for its glamour, but also for our traffic jams. But you don’t have to get stuck in traffic, if you just keep these tips in mind before booking your next Charter Bus Rental Service.


Plan Ahead of Time

There’s nothing more important than planning ahead of time, as it will save you both time and money. Whether it’s the number of people in your group, the type of bus you’re looking for with type of amenities you’re looking for, to pick up, drop off points and stops. Planning ahead and gathering as much information as you can about your trip is vital to getting the most out of your service.


Make a detailed itinerary

Planning ahead will help you make a more detailed itinerary, which in turn will help you get the most accurate quote, and help save you time and money. You must have this done before reaching out to potential Companies.


Go with an Experienced operator

Even with all the planning, if you don’t book with an experienced operator, your experience may be substandard. As an experienced operator operating for several decades we know how to get you in and out on time, we’re experts at navigating the city, and providing top notch service.

Tips for Renting Charter Buses in Montgomery, Alabama


Historically Charter buses have played an important role in our city, particularly as it relates to the freedom struggle. Buses were vital in getting vast numbers of crowds to come out and make their voices heard. So we are known for our love of freedom and liberty, and the buses which helped make that possible along the way. 


It still is the same way today, you can find great Charter Bus Rental services in the area for any  of your events, be they Corporate, Wedding, Religious, Sports, Exhibitions/Trade- shows, Political Campaigns, School Field Trips, Bachelorette Parties,Sightseeing Tours, etc. But there are some things you need to know before booking your next Charter Bus Rental Service.


Have a clear idea of what you need

This is very important, if you don’t know what you need you could be wasting a lot of your time and money. When we talk about “need”, we mean, know how many people you’re looking to transport, how much baggage you have, what type of amenities you’re looking for etc. Once this is settled, you’ll be able to do your planning.


Book as early as you can

This is also very important, planning ahead of time is also very important as this could also save you time and money and help you lock in the best deals with the best fleet.


Make a detailed itinerary

Making a detailed itinerary can get you the most accurate quote, and help you in your planning stage as well. This includes, the number of stops, pick up and drop off locations, any shuttle needs, etc.


Book with an Experienced Operator

One of the most important things you can do to avoid a stressful trip is to book with an experienced operator. Someone who knows how to navigate the city to get you in and out on time, regardless of traffic or any other road delays. We have been operating for several decades now, and we deliver a Prompt and Superior service, Guaranteed! Contact us now for a FREE no obligation quote.

Tips for Renting Charter Bus Rental Service in New Orleans, Louisiana

Known the world over for our culture and cuisine, New Orleans is a cultural bastion of the south. Thousands of people come here everyday to experience our food and culture. However, if you’re in a group it can be pretty daunting to navigate the streets of New Orleans, that’s why we recommend you book a Charter Bus Rental Service to get you in and out on time. So here are some tips to make booking a Charter Bus Rental service as easy as possible:


Book as Early as you Can

Particularly around celebrations like the Mardi Gras, you’ll have a difficult time finding transport if you wait till the last minute, and end up paying more than you have to.

Know your needs

This means you should know how many people you’re looking to transport, what type of Vehicle you’re looking for, the types of amenities you’re looking for.


Plan ahead of time

Knowing your needs will help you plan ahead of time. Planning ahead can help you get the most accurate quote and help you save time and money. Planning ahead means, know exactly where you’re going, your pick up and drop off locations, to stops in between, you should have a detailed itinerary.


Book with an Experienced Operator

It’s most important to book with an experienced Charter Bus Rental service, because all the planning and hard work could go out the window, if you don’t have the right service. If you want to be able to get in and out on time, rely on us, we’ve been operating for several decades in the area, and as our name suggests we’re always Prompt at Prompt Bus Charters. Contact us now for a FREE no obligation Quote

Tips for Renting Charter Buses in Orlando

Renting a Charter Bus rental in Orlando can be a daunting task. With nearly 200,000 visitors from all over the world visiting our city every day, the city is bursting at its seams, and transporting people around here can be a challenge. But don’t worry, with more than a decade of operation, we know how to get you in and out on time, minus all the stress. 


Whether it be a Corporate Event, Trade Show/Exhibition, Sightseeing Tour, Wedding, Bachelor/ette Party, Shuttle Service, College Sports Travel, Political Campaign, School Field trip, or any other group event, we will provide a first class service, with the best fleet in the industry.


What type of Bus should I book for my event?

This really depends on the size of your group, and your budget. If it’s a smaller group, from 15-37 Passengers, then it’s best for you to book a Minibus. Of course if you’re looking to upgrade the Minibus to something more extravagant such as our Party Bus, with a U-couch, Tables, Bathroom, Hardwood Dance floor and more, we’ve got you covered. 


If you have more than 37 passengers, our Motorcoach is the best option, as it can accommodate up to 50 passengers. However you can upgrade to the Deluxe Motorcoach, which comes with a Lavatory, Wi-Fi internet access, Large flat Screen Monitors, State of the art Entertainment center and more, if you’re looking for something more extravagant. 


However, the most economic option for a large group are School Buses. While the amenities are limited, it can accommodate up to 48 passengers. 


That’s not all, for weddings/bachelor/ette parties, you can always opt for a sleek and stylish Stretch Limousine, with surround system, plasma/LCD TV’s, DVD player, and more. 


How much Does it Cost?

It really depends on many factors. As mentioned previously for example, if you choose to upgrade to a bus with more amenities, it will cost more. But primarily a trip around the city is really billed by the hour, unless it’s coming from a longer distance, in which case distance would be factored in as well. 

Tips to keep Cost Low

-Book as early as you can. The closer to the trip you book, it will cost you more.

-Avoid April, May, and June, as those are more expensive months ( Graduation, School Trips, Proms, etc.).

-Choose a bus that suits your needs. If you only have 25 people, for example, there’s no need to book a motor coach, you can get a decent size Minibus that will accommodate all your people comfortably.


Make a detailed Itinerary

There’s nothing more important even before shopping for a Bus, than making a detailed plan of your trip. You should include all your pickups and drop offs, stops in between, and all other relevant details that are important to you. This will also help ensure you get the most accurate quote, and keep your costs low as well.