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Top 5 tips for Maximizing your Trip to Orlando

Planning a trip to Orlando? Yes, we know! It can be overwhelming. From choosing attractions, hotels, modes of transport, places of dining, the thousands of options can have your mind spinning. But we’ve done the research and have 5 tips that will help you narrow down your choices to your specific criteria.


    1. Plan as early as you can: If you want to get the most out of your stay and money in Orlando we recommend you book as early as possible. From booking flights to hotels to theme park tickets, planning and booking early will save you lots of money. The cheapest months are January, September and November (avoid holiday weekends of course, it may cost you more and you’ll have to deal with larger crowds.
    2. Decide which attractions you specifically plan to visit: If you know anything about theme parks in Orlando, you know it may take you an hour just to get onto a ride, we’re talking about the best and most popular rides. This is why we recommend you specifically plan out which rides you plan to take, and how much time you plan to spend at each attraction/ride. If you plan and book early, you can get free fastpass+ and reserve your rides, so you could skip the lines altogether.


  • Plan some Downtime: Theme parks can be exhausting, because they’re big! The Disney property alone is about 40 square miles, that’s 14 miles more than the city of Newark put together. So if you want to get the best out of your experience, plan breaks, so you can get some time to refresh and be back at it again to maximize your vacation time.


    1. Look for Freebies: From free Fastpass+ to reserve your rides in advance to free shuttles from the Orlando airport to Disney hotels, to Free water, and Medical supplies, there are lots of freebies to be taken advantage of.


  • Make dining reservations in advance: If you’re looking to dine in at popular places, chances are they’re full, so do your due diligence and book then in advance. This is especially important for character dining and special restaurant experiences.



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2019 Top 3 Picks for Best Restaurants in Orlando

Orlando is known as a haven for foodies the world over, but with increasing competition and fake reviews, finding a decent place to eat can be challenging. You might look at the good reviews of a particular restaurant and go there only to find substandard food and service. So as locals, we thought it our responsibility to tell visitors the truth about the best places to dine in Orlando.

Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine


Fresh and savory Turkish Kebabs are being grilled for really lucky eaters


Since the Mediterranean diet has been touted as the best diet with people of the region living on the average til 89 years of age,we thought we’d start with a restaurant that serves this type of food.

Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine is a Mediterranean establishment with 3 locations throughout Central Florida, and it is a must visit restaurant if you’re ever in the area. From mouth watering kebabs and seafood, to meticulous salads and scrumptious pastries, you’ll find the food here will delight your taste buds with totally new flavor varieties.

While it’s a delicious place to eat, it won’t break the bank either. A party of 2 could have fine dining for under 50 dollars.

Our Secret Tips: If your order the mixed grill for 2, you can sample a variety of meats along with rice and salad for just under 40 dollars. It is a massive portion of food for 2 people. During dinner time, this place will be packed, so we recommend you call ahead and reserve.

Pizza Italia

A delicious seafood delight

Nestled in the heart of lake nona, this restaurant serves authentic italian fare that’ll have you coming back for more. From flavorful, exotic salads to gourmet pizza, decadent pastas, paninis, and strombolis, the food here will surely bring delight to your taste buds. What’s more? The service here is outstanding, with staff that’ll go out of their way to make your dining experience a pleasurable one.

Our Secret Tip: The bread and salad itself can fill you up pretty quickly, so you can go for something light for the main entrees.

The Big Easy

A Delicious, Crab cake Benedict

Located in Winter Garden, this restaurant serves up some delectable Cajun fare. You don’t have to go to New Orleans to enjoy great Cajun food, you can find it right here. From mouth watering Gumbo, Jambalaya, Poboys, and Burgers, to their famous cajun boils, this place has a good variety of cajun specialities.

Our Secret tip: Order the “Big Papa Boil”, it comes with 2 pounds of crawfish, 1 pound of shrimp, sausages, and corn with great cajun seasoning. Even 2 people will fins this meal hard to finish, but it will keep your bill under 40 dollars.
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