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A Comprehensive Guide on Charter Bus Services

You’ve got a group trip coming up, and you’re scrambling to find a safe and efficient way to transport everyone together and promptly to your destination. If you’re thinking about chartering a plane or everyone driving in different cars, one is too expensive, and the other is too inefficient, with people arriving at vastly different times. So what’s the most efficient way to transport large groups of people for your group event?

Okay, let’s stop the suspense, we’ll give you the answer. The most efficient way to transport large groups of people together, safely, and promptly is to hire a Charter Bus/es. This guide will give you all the information you need to know about Charter  Bus rentals.

What is a Charter Bus?

It refers to Buses that can be chartered or rented out for any group event. Charter buses are different in that, the routes they travel are determined by the person/s renting the bus, compared to a line bus that travels fixed routes and on timing pre-determined by the company. In other words, when you charter a bus, you determine where you want to go, when you want to go, and what route you want to take.


What are the physical features of a Charter Bus?

Charter buses are visually appealing buses that are sleek and modern. They have features, such as: Tinted Windows, undercarriage luggage compartments (underneath the side windows, Reclining Plush cushioned seating with footrests, Entertainment center with Plasma TV/LCD, PA System, Onboard restroom, Overhead luggage bins, etc. They usually have the company’s logo painted on the side of the bus as well.


What are some Appropriate Situations/Organizations that may necessitate Charter Buses?

Corporate Events: Corporations are looking for Reliable, Safe, Efficient, and Affordable transport. Charter Buses meet all of those demands. Conferences, Conventions, Seminars, Trade Shows/Exhibitions, Company outings, and a variety of other corporate events involving large groups.

Schools and Colleges: From Field Trips, Competitions, Outings, Sporting Events, Fraternity/Sorrority events, Campus Tours, to Tournaments of all types, and any event requiring transport of large groups. Safety

Weddings/Bachelor/ette Parties: Designating drivers at these events can be a big headache, and even impractical. That’s why Couples, and Wedding Planners/Event Management companies go for Charter Bus rentals.

Church Trips: From Crusades, Conventions/Conferences, Concerts, Outings/Picnics, Fellowship Events, being together is a major part of Church trips. Having everyone drive in separate cars, and arrive at different times defeats the purpose of the bonding and fellowship Church groups look to foster. The perfect option in these situations, is Charter Bus Rental.

Sports Teams: When you’ve got a large group of Team Members, Staff, and Even fans, Charter Bus is a preferred choice for transport. Whether it be the extra luggage space to carry equipment and baggage, or the onboard restroom, State of the art entertainment center, Plush reclining seats with Footrests, the Comfort, and Reliability of charter buses makes it the most preferred way to travel.

Group Events: If you have a group event that requires the transport of 15 or more people, then charter bus is a Safe, Reliable, Efficient,Comfortable and Affordable way to travel. From our 15 passenger minibus to our 61 passenger Deluxe Motorcoach, and plenty of options in between, we can get you as many vehicles as you need. From 50 people to 50,000, we’ll make sure all your guests are taken care of.


What’s the Seating Capacity of a typical Charter Bus?

It varies, but you have several options. If you’ve got 15 Passengers or less, you can go with a 15 passenger minibus. But if you’ve got more than 15 people, you can go with the 24 passenger minibus, and if you’ve got more than that, the 30 passenger minibus is a great option.


If there are more than 30 people, the next step up is the 37 passenger mini coach bus, and if you still have more people you can rent party bus, that can accommodate up to 50 people.


Our biggest vehicle is the motor coach, which can seat anywhere from 47-61 passengers, depending on the type and model of vehicle. Don’t forget our school buses which seat 48 passengers are a budget friendly option.

What are some of the differences a Charter Bus, Minibus, and Party Bus?


The main difference Between a Charter Bus and Minibus is size. A Charter bus can carry more people, anywhere from 47-61 people. However minibus can carry anywhere from 15-37 people. Remember, there are classes of Charter buses too. Also remember, charter buses have an onboard lavatory and luggage space, that mini buses. That’s why minibuses are generally used for short trips, and charter buses are used for longer trips.


A party bus on the other hand really has some particular amenities, such as a hardwood dance floor, making this a favorite for doing parties, and it can fit anywhere from 15-50 people depending on the model and type of bus.

What are the Amenities found in a Charter Bus rental?


  • Reclining seats with footrests
  • Lavatory
  • Panoramic Windows
  • AC/Heating
  • WiFi
  • Power Outlets
  • PA System
  • Plasma/LCD TV

What’s the Storage Space Like on a Charter Bus?

Overhead Bins above the seats provide space for your most reached for personal belongings, where it’s most accessible


If storage is important to you, then Charter buses are a great option. There are overhead bins inside the vehicle, which will keep your belongings that you reach for the most within your reach. But there are compartments (shown in the picture below) underneath the bus for larger items such as your luggage and equipment. These undercarriage compartments are large spaces that can store your entire group’s luggage and equipment.

Undercarriage compartments underneath the bus provide ample space for your group’s luggage and equipment

How are the restrooms inside the Charter Buses?

The lavatory inside buses are convenient, and small. They will have a toilet and sink inside with enough space to move around.

What about Wheelchair Accessibility?

If you request wheelchair accessibility, companies are required bound by the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide you a bus that is wheelchair accessible. But remember, every bus is not equipped for wheelchair accessibility, so make sure to ask for one that specifically has wheelchair accessibility.


What about beds, are charter buses equipped with beds?

Regular charter buses aren’t equipped with beds, however, you’ll find the plush reclining seats with footrests will help you relax and stay well rested for your trip.


If you insist on having bunk beds, then we recommend you book an entertainer coach, which are equipped with up to 12 bunk beds.


Do Charter Buses have seatbelts?

Buses manufactured before 2016 are not required to have seatbelts, they may have them, but were not required by law to do so. Buses manufactured after November 2016 are required to have them, as it was mandated by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

What about your drivers, are they trained to drive buses?

You can rest assured, we operate according to all of the federal safety regulations. This includes, the requirements for our motorcoach drivers to possess a CDL, with a passenger endorsement, have sufficient training and experience to operate a motorcoach, possess a valid medical examiner’s certificate, etc.


What about unplanned stops, will you stop at places that were not originally part of the itinerary, when needed?

If we’re stopping for a quick break, to grab something to eat, etc., remember the drivers do make those stops to give everyone a break, and get some fresh air, as they themselves need it too. But stops for long periods of time, may incur additional charges.


Do I need to book my trip several months in advance?

If you’re looking to get a good rate, we recommend you book at least 1-3 months before the trip. April, May, and June are busy months, during this period of time, we recommend you book 6-9 months ahead of time to get a good deal.


Having said that, if you have a last minute trip, we guarantee, we’ll find you the right vehicle for your group.


What will a Charter Bus cost?

Charter bus cost depends on many factors, but distance and duration are one of the most important factors. That is, if your trip if you’re planning a long distance trip, then your rate will be assessed by mileage , if you’re planning a trip that spans several days, your rate will assessed per day.


However, pricing depends on so many factors, to get a more accurate estimate for your trip, provide your travel specialist with a detailed itinerary. Also, check out our pricing guide to look at other factors that influence pricing.


Are we obliged to tip our driver?

You are not required to tip the driver, but it is common courtesy to do so. We recommend, tipping your driver 10-20% of the trip’s cost. You can get more details from your travel specialist on the different ways you can tip your driver.


Which Company should I book with?

You should only book with a company that can meet most if not all of your trip’s requirements. This means you should work out a detailed plan of your trip before searching for a Bus Rental company.


In addition to that, there are a few other factors you should take into consideration before making that decision. First, make sure you have an experienced operator. This will help you avoid a lot of the headaches, that come with hiring inexperienced companies. We have been operating for several decades, and can manage your trip efficiently. From choosing the most efficient route to having backup routes identified ahead of time, we have the expertise to get you in and out on time, without adding additional mileage.


Second, book with a company that’s close to your pick up location. If you book a bus that’s far away from your pickup location, you’ll have to pay for the unused mileage. Because we operate all over the united states, you won’t need to worry about that.


What information do I need to get a quote?

As mentioned before, it’s best to have a very detailed plan of your itinerary to get the most accurate quote. Here are some of the most essential pieces of information you’ll need.


  1. Pick up location addresses, and dropoff location addresses.
  2. Trip start date, pick up time, drop off time, and trip end date
  3. The number of passengers expected on the trip, and the amount of luggage and equipment.
  4. The number of stops in between, and the locations of the stops.
  5. Type of amenities needed, wheelchair accessibility, WIFI, Power Outlets, Entertainment Center, etc.


With the above mentioned pieces of information gathered, you’ll be ready to get your first Charter Bus Quote.


Can we bring our pets along with us on the Bus?

Generally speaking, most companies don’t allow pets on the bus. However, an exemption can be made for service animals, as they must be allowed on by law under the Americans with Disabilities Act


What are some other things that cannot be brought onboard?

In general, any sort of explosives, flammable items, harmful and dangerous chemicals, weapons, etc. But please be sure to ask the company to get a comprehensive list of prohibited items. Also, please be advised, smoking is prohibited while on board, you can smoke at rest stops outside of the bus.


Can Alcoholic Beverages be brought onboard?

Companies might allow adult passengers to bring and consume alcohol on the bus, but most companies would ask for a refundable deposit to cover repair of any damages that may be caused by passengers while inebriated.


Also remind your group to be careful to engage in any activities that may distract the driver while onboard, especially when the vehicle is in motion, as the entire group’s safety may be compromised.

Six Things You Should Bring on a Bus Trip

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Traveling by charter buses have proved itself to be one of the most efficient ways to travel long distances. If you choose Prompt Bus Charters’ services, our buses come with free Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, extra legroom, and much more. When you travel with us, you won’t have to worry about any of the details of the trip. All you need to focus on is what to pack. Below are the best six things you should bring on your chartered bus trip.

  1. Comfortable Clothing

One of the most important packing essentials for a bus trip, especially a long one, is comfortable clothing and shoes. When you’re in a seat for that long, clothing shouldn’t keep you from being comfortable. We recommend light apparel that is comfortable for both relaxing and sleeping. Slip-on shoes are also a good choice for travelers.

 2. Hygiene Items

While our bus lavatories are furnished with basic bathroom necessities, you should consider bringing your own personal hygiene items and toiletries. A few good examples include hand soap, your own toothbrush and toothpaste, combs and brushes, etc. After using the bathroom, please remember to clean up after yourself for the benefit of other travelers.

 3. Snacks & Drinks

Another important thing a traveler should consider packing is something to munch on. While the bus will stop for meals, you might want something to chew on between stops. That’s why packing extra snacks and drinks are always important. A few popular snacks include chips, cookies, gummy worms, and more. A refillable water bottle might also be beneficial.

 4. Entertainment

From kids to elders, everyone needs something to pass the time. That’s why a good source of entertainment is always suggested for a bus. Some might consider a book, others a video game console. Prompt Bus Charters offers complimentary Wi-Fi in our motor coaches. Passengers can take advantage of this and connect their devices for the ride. That way, they’ll be able to scroll through social media, watch a movie, or even learn more about their destination all in the comfort of a chartered bus.

 5. On-Board Storage

Items like a backpack or a purse are always useful on long road trips of any kind, including a charter bus trip. In it, you can store your extra clothing, hygiene items, snacks and drinks, entertainment, souvenirs, and much more. A backpack can also be a safe place to store important items like a passport or wallet. You can keep your backpack under your seat or overhead in the provided storage bins.

6. Sleeping aids

Some can sleep anywhere. Literally anywhere. Others might not find it so easy. That’s why many travelers bring sleeping and comfort aids, to help them relax. Depending on the person, it might be hard to relax while in a bus. Sleeping pills can help give the passenger rest and energized for their next stop. Prompt Bus Charters’ bus seats also recline for the passenger’s comfort.



Thanks for reading our guide on what to pack for your next chartered bus trip. If you’re interested in efficient land travel, visit to find out more. For a detailed quote, call us at ☎ 1-877-456-9996. We work hard so you can travel easy.
Happy Travels!