Washington DC –a photographer’s haven for scintillating shots of photographs tour package along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

For a photographer the city will provide a heaven! So many monuments! So many places of picturesque locations! All he has to do is to carry his frame through all these points for memorable feast of experience along with the promptbuscharters.com

It is more than fun. It is something that you will take so dear to your heart and memory! A kaleidoscopic mosaic in the digital frame!


There are so many places here in the city that fall under the segment of simply like the cobblestone streets and historic neighborhoods, and you cannot just evade Georgetown and Old Town Alexandria! The Blue Ridge Parkway with its panoramic appeal …the mysterious wildlife with its curious existence… a memory truly to be taken alive and stored.
District of Columbia offers plenty of scope for nice photographs

On a 45 minutes lap of journey to the northern part of the city is the waterfront city of Baltimore with its memorable seasonal highlights like snow covered winter, lush greenery and a live outdoor platform for activities! The clear skies, colorful flowers in spring, fall foliage in autumn…all nothing but add to the charm!


Tidal Basin

Lincoln memorial
Just carry your camera to make snapshots from above, below, and head on!

Just remember that the best time for taking shots here is just an hour after sunrise and half an hour before sunset.

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