Universal Studios- a novel experience tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

Universal studios is an internationally well known entity and just book a charter bus with the Prompt Bus Charters and make a nice journey to see and explore the studio.



You will be get interested by the vast array of things that the studio offers along with its numerous rides and the new King Kong 360-3D which is the intense sensory experience bringing a high-fi 3D experience.

You will see here the nuances of Hollywood’s blockbusters along with the world’s largest movie studio till date.

You can see here the Special Effects Stage, and the technicalities of special effects creation movies can be seen here.

Then there is the City Walk which is the nice spot for fulltime fun. Its numerous upscale restaurants, movie theaters, concert halls, comedy clubs are sure to enthrall you.

You can find here in the Universal with many ticket options available live on their website, and they can even help you in getting the hotel rooms for sty as well.

You can contact the promptbuscharters.com for a great journey experience to this unforgettable place!


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