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You might be interested to participate in the Midwest Craft Beer Festival being conducted here in Madison along with its variety of beer and multi choice of cuisines. It will interest you to know that this fest has the status of being the second longest running event in North America.

You will find the fest being one of the premier beer festivals in the US along with its highlights like having 150 of the Midwest’s finest craft brewers at the panoramic Olin Park adjacent to the Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin.

It will interest you to know that this year’s Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild are going to be conducted on the 29th edition of August 8th, 2015.

You might be interested to know that the Great Taste is generally regarded to be one of the longest-running craft beer fest in North America. You will find here nearly one hundred fifty breweries and brewpubs serve about 1000 different beers in the panoramic lakeside setting in Madison, Wisconsin.
Where and when is it?

You will find it being conducted here at Olin Park in Madison which is being conducted on the second Saturday in August. You will find the fest site is being located just off John Nolen Drive across from the Alliant Energy Center.

The gates open at 1:00pm and the event ends at 6:00 pm with no onsite ticket sales.
How many beers are there?

Probably there will be nearly 1000 beers available for the fest this year.

Yes, just enjoy the selection.

 How much are tickets?

The ticket price for the 2015 Great Taste of the Midwest is $60.
What about parking at the festival?

You should note that there will be no patron vehicular access to the frontage road within the park.
Will there be food?

Of course! Plenty of options for you right from small snacks to bigger meals, for both carnivores and vegetarians like brats, burgers, etc, Banzo, (falafel), Jamerica (Caribbean), Nutcracker Sweet (roasted nuts) Glass Nickel Pizza, Milio’s Subs, FIB’s (Chicago-style hot dogs),etc.

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