Tidal Basin –Enjoying the panoramic nature tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

Tidal Basin has earmarked its place as the man-made inlet adjacent to the Potomac River in the city along with its West Potomac Park created in the 19 th century. Now it has turned out to be the recreational space along with its The Jefferson Memorial, the third President of the US, located in the south bank of the Tidal Basin.


You cannot forget the mesmerizing appeal and beauty of the place mainly in the cherry blossom season occur in the March and early April. The National Cherry Blossom Festival being celebrated here in spring is a most note worthy festival!
Tidal basin is a mesmerizing point of attraction here in the city along with the


The attraction is that the basin boasts of having boats on rental service available in its eastern shore. You can relax too with its hotdogs, sandwiches, drinks and snacks. What’s more! The walking paths are all open for you to have a nice walk through all around.

The presence of nearly 3,750 cherry trees makes it all the more attractive belonging to the Yoshino Cherry. Other species like Kwanzan Cherry, Weeping Japanese Cherry, Sargent Cherry, Akebono Cherry, Takesimensis Cherry, Usuzumi Cherry, are also available here.


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