Think green, think charter bus promptbuscharters

We the place before ou some of the throughts to make your trip more then simply a journey for that matter.





Eco-Friendly Travel Tips
Be a Responsible Traveler:
Support Eco-friendly Hotels: Prefer Green hotels that are environment- friendly.

Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist: have food from local restaurants, shop in local markets and attend local events. Just imnject money into the locale markets.
Chart a Green Course: Beaches, national parks, and scenic views make for “green” fun. Plan the trip around low-impact activities and resources whenever possible.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: You might be wondering that it is said that every square mile of the ocean has 46,000 pieces of floating plastic in it. Just make use of the reusable BPA-free water bottles.

Fuel for Thought: It will interest you to know that Carbon dioxide emissions considerable abated by an average of 85% per passenger mile for each individual if he/she opts for a charter bus instead of driving separately.

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