The Southern Museum of Flight tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

You might be interested to know that the Southern Museum of Flight is a civilian aviation museum Birmingham, Alabama USA along with the facility featuring nearly 100 aircraft, as well as engines, models, artifacts, photographs, and paintings. In addition, the Southern Museum of Flight is home to the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame, which presents Alabama Aviation History through collective biography along with the

Notable aircraft on display include a Wright Flyer, Curtis Pusher, Fokker D-VII, Alexander Eaglerock, F-4 Phantom, F-86 Sabre, AH-1 Cobra, Soviet-built MiGs, Mi-24 Hind, A-12 Blackbird spy plane, the “Lake Murray” B-25, and an array of experimental aircraft.

Notable/Select Aircraft on Display
Aero Commander 680
Aeronca K 1937
Aeronca Sedan on floats
A-12 Oxcart single seat variant of SR-71 Blackbird
B-26 Douglas Invader (Air Force)
B-25C Mitchell
BT-13B Valiant
Beagle B.206
Beechcraft Starship
1912 Curtiss Pusher replica
Cessna 337B Skymaster
Cumulus Glider
The first Delta Air Lines airplane
F4 Phantom jet fighter
F-4 Phantom II Cockpit Simulator
F-14 Tomcat (Navy)
F-84F Thunderstreak
F-86 Sabre (Navy)
Fokker D.VII
Glasaire II F-T
Heath Super Parasol 1927
Huff Daland crop duster
MiG-15 Fagot (Air Force)
OH-6 Loach Helicopter (Army National Guard)
PL-4A Pazmany
PT-19 Fairchild Cornell
Piper Cherokee PA 28-140
Rotec Rally ultralight
Republic Seabee
Sonerai II-LT
Sport Fury
Starduster biplane
Stinson 10A
Stinson SR-5
T-6G Texan
TG-4A (Civil L-K 10A)
T-33A Shooting Star (Air Force)
Vari-Viggen invented by Burt Rutan
Wright Flyer replica

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