The National Zoo tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

You will come to know that the Smithsonian National Zoo is among the oldest zoos is America, and the only one in Washington DC. You will find here 2,000 animals from 400 different species from all over the world (many of them endangered), which are divided into more than a dozen exhibits along with the The animals include:

Giant Pandas
Red Pandas
Asian Elephants
Several varieties of Large Cats
Several types of Monkeys and Apes
Maned Wolves
Grey Wolves
Bald Eagles
Naked Mole Rats
Leafcutter Ants
Longwing Butterflies
Black Widow Spiders
Chambered Nautilus
Sea Stars
Rainbow Boas
Komodo Dragon
Japanese Giant Salamander
Veiled Chameleons
Cuban Crocodiles
Double-crested Cormorants
King Vultures
Scarlet Ibis
Giant Anteaters
Many, many more!

The National Zoo is open every day of the year except for Christmas, and has free admission.

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