Superstition Mountain Museum tour package at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

Your visit to the Superstition Mountain Museum will present before you the collection and preservation of artifacts, history and folklore regarding the Superstition Mountains, Apache Junction and the surrounding region.


You will be interested to know that it is unique of the sort in the whole US located within an area of 160,000 acres.

You can also post here in the place numerous restaurants, health club, and multiple movie theaters, and you will find the place ideal for art and recreation for that matter.

You can spot here the seasonal “snow-birds” which find shelter in the Gold Canyon Arizona area in order to protect them from the snow and cold of the region.

It will interest you to know that the Superstition Mountain Historical Society was formed on December 27, 1979 with the aim to collect and preserve the history and legends of Arizona’s Superstition Mountains, to support research, education and publications involving the region for that matter.

It will surprise you to find that the unique ness of the museum lies in its efforts to preserve legend, history and intrigue within 160,000 acre.

You might be interested to find that the 12.5 acre Museum site renders numerous photo opportunities with its reproductions of 19th Century businesses including a Wells Fargo office, stage coach stop, barber shop, assay office and other displays of authentic relics of the 1800’s for that matter.

You will enjoy the fine scenery of the Superstition Mountain during the evening sunsets making the place all the more appealing and picturesque.

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