South Carolina charter bus rentals tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

You might be interested to explore the US state of South Carolina along with its nice places of tourist interest along with its points of interest as well.

You will come to know that your trip along with your favorite travel mate the Prompt Charters will make you to see and explore the best places in the city.


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The state of South Carolina is a nice place of travel and you can understand this fact from the Gibbes Art Gallery, being located here in the city.
You will be interested to find such a nice museum being located in the city with all its 10,00 works in the genre of fine art and they are mainly from the American Art as well.

Moreover, you can also spot here in the museum the collection of works of numerous artists like Henrietta Johnston, Mary Roberts, Charles Fraser, etc.

Then you will find another point of interest here in the city in the Columbia Museum of Art and you will find this art museum is surely going to entertain and educate you with its unique roof design in inverted truss, and its vibrancy of colour combinations in red, orange, and gold glass.

You can see here in the museum a number of galleries along with its exhibits mainly focused on the selections of modern and contemporary arts as well.

And you will be amused to see all the 14 galleries here in the museum being dedicated to the visual chronicle of history of European and American art dating from the antiquity to the present.

You will spot in the collections the works of the early-Greek ceramics from the R.V.D. Magoffin Collection, and the black-figured Greek lekythos, etc.

Then how can you afford to miss the South Carolina State Museum, and you will find it sure to entertain you along with its rich resource for South Carolina history and lifestyle. You will get attracted by the museum for its exhibits concerned with the disciplines like art, natural history, cultural history, science and technology.

You can also find here in the museum the life-size replicas of the Best Friend of Charleston, which you will find is the first American-built locomotive.

Your visit to the North Charleston Coliseum will expose you to the venue where you will find a lot of activities taking place including a stage for taking place the performing arts and sports venues.

You can enjoy some many concerts being conducted here.
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