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If you wish to visit a place so unique in its appeal…then we the Prompt Charters will suggest you to explore the city of Sitka. What you will find here is the ample space for both fun and adventurous activities offering you thrilling experience on your way.

You will enjoy the lovely and majestic city with its appeal of having panoramic and lush points of interest along with its treasures, both natural, and cultural for that matter.
You can enjoy the following events in the city like;

January 7: Russian Christmas and Starring


February: Banff Film Festival

March 1-31: Sac Roe Herring Fishery – Dates Depend Upon the Fish!

March 1-16: Sitka ArtiGras

March: Traditional Blessing of the Fleet

This annual Blessing is given to Sitka’s Fishing Fleet at 2 pm.

May: Ocean Wave Quilters’ Quilt Show

The city has such panoramic sights where you will be able to spot the island-studded waters along with its spruce forests touching the water’s edge. You will thus come to understand that Sitka is one of the most appealing points of interest for you.

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