Raleigh City Museum tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

You will love the Raleigh City museum along with its various exhibits and programs highlighting the rich history of North Carolina’s capital city. You might be interested to explore the efforts made by the museum for teaching as well.


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As part of its mission to “Preserve Raleigh’s Past for the Future,” you will appreciate the museum’ efforts to collect artifacts, curates exhibits, and provides educational programing focusing and interpreting Raleigh’s history and heritage for that matter.

However, you will find here in the museum the current exhibits like the Stroll through Raleigh’s rich history: Kit homes, Media history, Civil Rights, Lost Flags, etc for that matter.

You can also take part in the general Gallery tour as well.

R3: Raleigh Then, Raleigh Now, Raleigh Next.

You will find here Raleigh’s history through 200 years of artifacts and images. Moreover, the R3 timeline offers a glimpse into the city’s nice cultural landscape as well.

You will find here the Interactive kiosks rendering you space for both fun and challenges to explore photographs from Raleigh’s past.

Our War: Voices of Raleigh’s World War 2 Veterans.

The “Our War…” exhibit will make you understand the story of two different Raleighs and the experiences of its residents for that matter.

Let Us March On: Raleigh’s Journey Towards Civil Rights

This is the tale of the Raleigh experience of the time of great conflict and change during the mid-1950s to the mid-1970s.

You will see and explore here the city’s struggle and journey towards equality as well.

Capital Cartography: A History of Raleigh in Maps

This present before you over two hundred years of Raleigh’s development with the help of a collection of historic maps.

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