Old Westbury Gardens tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

You might be interested to explore the Old Westbury Gardens, the former home of John S. Phipps and family, along with its palatial mansion house being located within 200 acres of English country gardens and its nice landscape grounds with lakes, ponds and surrounding woodlands is sure to capture your imagination as well.

You will find the mansion house being nicely decorated with valuable English antiques and artwork. The Old Westbury Gardens having both the indoor and outdoor classical concerts, book signings, horticultural classes, classic car shows and popular music concerts on the main lawn in the summer months are sure to capture your attention for that matter.

You might be interested to find here at the Westbury Gardens the guided tours of Westbury House and Gardens, extensive tours of the formal gardens, school visits, children’s programs, museum exhibits, classic car shows, indoor and outdoor classical concerts, summer pop concerts, slide lectures, etc.

Old Westbury Gardens
71 Old Westbury Road
Old Westbury, NY 11568

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