NYC & Company sets new ambitious targets for New York tourism



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‘Road to 10 Million More Visitors,’ sharing the next tourism forecast of 67 million annual visitors by the end of 2021 in the New York city

Announcing the sporadic influx of tourists to the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio, deputy mayor for housing and economic development Alicia Glen, NYC & Company president Fred Dixon, and NYC & Company board of directors chairman Emily Rafferty have remarked that NY City is going to make such a remarkable achievement within a time span of nearly 8-10 years.

NYC & Company previously achieved its goal of 55 million visitors one year ahead of its 2015 schedule with its all-time record 56.4 million visitors last year.

It is interesting to note that the visitor spending has culminated in an estimated $61.3 billion in economic impact and $3.7 billion in City tax revenues, respectively creating 359,000 tourism related jobs ass well.

Out of the predicted 67 million visitors anticipated by 2021, 16 million are from the international markets while 51 million hail from US/domestic markets.

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