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You might be interested to explore the North Carolina Zoo being situated here in the city and what you7 can see here in the zoo will be various animals, plants, along with its 57-piece art collection as well.


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You might be interested to enjoy the park along with its unique distinction of being the world’s largest-land-area natural-habitat park for that matter.

What you will see and explore here in the park will be the extensive range of recreational activities, ranging from swimming at the beach to skiing in the mountains.

You will love the park being located here south of Asheboro, along with its 2,200-acre tract of land in the Uwharrie Mountains.

You might be interested to know that nearly 500 acres of this land has been developed into one of the largest “natural habitat” zoos in the US for that matter.

You might be interested to explore the place along with its animals and enclosures having their natural habitats consisting of trees, ponds, rocks, grass and dirt as well.

The North Carolina Zoo grew from an idea initiated by the Raleigh Jaycees in 1967. Through a series of fund-raising events–including at least one professional football game-the site was selected and secured to be close to the center of the state. We are 75 miles west of Raleigh, 25 miles south of Greensboro and 75 miles northeast of Charlotte.

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