New York City some essential delights tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

The fact is that a visit to the cities like New York can be the right choice for visiting places. You will really enjoy the fresh smell coming out from many restaurants, breweries and many places of interest. We here at the Prompt Bus Charters frequent this place more often than not and hence we are sure you will love a lot of places being located here.

Central Park

central park

You will find New York City’s best attractions along with its historical landmarks are free to visit. You can also see here numerous restaurants, hotels, being located here in the city.

Located within 843 acres of gardens, you will find here in the Central Park is a nice spot with waterways, etc.

In fact the park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, along with it nice landscape and appeal-a venture that got essential inspiration from the public parks in the countries like Paris and London for that matter.

Staten Island Ferry

state ferry
The ferry running from the Battery Park to Staten Island is really a rejuvenating experience of the sort along with its chance to experience the Lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island along with the New York Harbor for free.

You will find the Staten Island Ferry running 24 hours per day with each journey taking nearly 30 minutes to cover nearly 60 plus miles for that matter.

Grand Central Terminal


Built in the year 1913, the Grand Central is the hub for transportation for people and it also acts as the subway for the Metro-North trains.

You will really enjoy its appealing Beaux-arts architecture, nice restaurants, and facilities for good shopping along with its cocktail bar.

Times Square Theater Billboards

time sq

Do you know the fact nearly 39 million people visit Times Square annually along with its Broadway shows, good dining centres, and enjoying the place after the sunset is really marvelous for that matter.

Nowadays the trend is that here much more space is being allotted to the car parking along with its smart streets.

The area has a plethora of restaurants along with its chain stores as well.

You can approach the for the quote for your travel at competitive rates for that matter.

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