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You will love the Motown Museum along with its tiny shingle-clad building that was occupied from 1957 to 1972 by the studio where records of the “Motown sound” were produced along with theĀ

You might be interested to find here the actual recording studio where Marvin Gaye and others produced hit songs. The museum aslo chronicles the history of the recording studio and its founder as well for that matter.

You will find the Motown Museum being situated in the very house where Berry Gordy founded the internationally famous Tamla Records and Motown Records and, just introduced the world a brand new sound.

You can enjoy here the real studios, like the Studio A, with the original equipment and instruments are being preserved.

You can enjoy the priceless outfits, posters, photos and memorabilia. You can also learn more about the legendary producers and artists, like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, who changed the face of the music industry across the globe.

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