Minneola, FL Charter bus, Mini bus and Tourist Attractions

is a city in Lake County, Florida, United States. Let’s check out the most important tourist attractions of Minneola.

1. Lake Minneola
2. Clermont’s Historic Village
3. West Orange Trail
4. Florida Citrus Tower
5. Presidents Hall of Fame
6. Waterfront Park
7. Blue Cypress Lake
8. Magical Jump
9. Green Mountain Scenic Overlook
10. The Spa at Bella Collina
11. Crooked River Preserve
12. Lake Louisa State Park
13. Ferndale Preserve
14. Lake Apopka
15. Quest Air Hang Gliding
16. Sugarloaf Mountain
17. Oakland Nature Preserve
18. Plant Street Market
19. Crooked Can Brewing Company
20. Garden Theatre

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