Maui’s coastline tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

You might be interested to find nice views of Maui’s beautiful coastline, while you are driving through the place of the Road to Hana. This scenic highway twists through the lush rainforest and touches the cascading waterfalls that line the island’s eastern shore. You will find people starting their trip in Kahului with the intention of motoring 55 miles to Hana. You will find the route surprises you with unfamiliar hairpin turns along with the

The short Road to Hana will absorb you with its number of scenic lookouts and other places to stop.

You will also come to know of the numerous notable photo opportunities along the way, including the Twin Falls around the 2-mile marker (driving from Kahului to Hana); and the Wailea Overlook or Waikani Falls around the 21-mile marker. You will also find the Waianapanapa State Park and Hookipa Beach are as the popular stops.

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