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The city of Kodiak will engage you in various ways and you will find here plenty of space for your relaxation and enjoyment as well.

You can spot here the Kodiak brown bear along with various other creatures as well here in the city for that matter.

The red fox being available here in the archipelago along with the Sitka black-tailed deer will also enthuse you for sure!

Then you can also watch the playful whales her along with its opportunity for the wildlife viewing for that matter.

Just appreciate the sea otters, sea lions, harbor seals, puffins, porpoises, etc being available her as well.

If you love adventure, then it is the place for you for you will find here the guided kayaking rendering you unique travel experience as well.
You will enjoy the space to explore the wildlife from various lookout points and you can also engage with the walking trails and tidepools.
Best time to spot wildlife

January: You can find chickadees, red-breasted nuthatches,etc.

February: Harbor seals and sea lions are the hits.

March: You will find the Sitka blacktail deer along with the Mountain goats.

April: The Kodiak brown bear will apper before you from the dens.

May: You can spot the mother bear with her cubs along with the Songbirds.

June: Harbor seals along with their have their pups. You can also find her the Mountain goats.

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