Kennedy Space centre- US Astronaut Hall of Fame

In memory of those … Who proved human potential limitless

Here you can become familiarize with men of fame and glare who made immense contributions to astronomy by extending our horizon of knowledge regarding this universe and proving that human potential has no limits! The memorabilia being kept here speaks it all! Celebrating the achievements through their experience and stories!

The awesome experience…inside view of the space centre

kennedy spaceke2
John F Kennedy- JFK as he is known- the American politician and the 35th President of the US (1961-1963) in whose name this space centre was established

It is a live interface of your senses with the human side of space through modes of sounds, sights, sounds and experiences of those well known astronauts who dared to venture into the astrological space along with the

The space centre is being dedicated for those brave hearts who proved human potential is limitless.


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