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You will find here in the city of Kalofornsky the Skilak Lake along with its fame as a large lake on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. You will find it being part of the Kenai River system along with its glacial runoff. You will also post here the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and if you are interested to explore it you can move on by the Skilak Lake Loop Road and the Sterling Highway.

You will find it being the famous destination for Alaskans on account of it being near to the city of Anchorage.
Then there is the Pratt County Historical Society functioning from 1968, with its efforts of preserving the history of Pratt County, and the adjacent part as well.

You will find the museum with its 24,000 sq.ft and exhibiting the rich history of Pratt County and you will get ample idea about its pioneers as well.

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