Five Myths About TSA Pre✓ and a trip along with the Prompt Bus Charters at competitive rates tour package in US

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There are certain misconceptions about the program and what it does.

Here are five common myths about TSA Pre✓.

YOu might be aware of TSA Pre✓ lanes at airport security checkpoints.

If they’re signed up for TSA Pre✓ (also known as TSA PreCheck) their security wait will likely be shorter, and they won’t have to remove their belts, jackets, shoes, laptops or 3-1-1 liquids as they go through screening.

However, millions of eligible people in the U.S. are still not signed up for this valuable trusted traveler program, in many cases because they harbor some misconceptions about TSA Pre✓ and what it does. Here are five common myths about TSA Pre✓:


1. It’s basically a VIP program to make things more convenient for people with money.

While it’s true that TSA Pre✓ makes the screening process more efficient, it is above all a security program.


2. TSA Pre✓ lines are just as long.

Lines are getting longer in many major U.S. hub airports, and that is a serious problem. Across the board, though, TSA Pre✓ lines cut the average wait time in half.

3. It lowers security standards at airports.

TSA Pre✓ actually employs the most rigorous and innovative security processes available to pre-screen travelers and determine whether to deem them low-risk. All Pre✓ applicants provide, through a two-part online and in-person process, biographic and biometric information providing comprehensive proof of identity, and are subject to an exhaustive background check.

4. It’s so hard to apply for it.

While TSA could always make the Pre✓application more streamlined, there are currently only two steps to take when applying for Pre✓.

5. It’s way too expensive.

TSA Pre✓ enrollment costs $85 for five years—that’s $17 a year, less than the average fee to check one bag on a single flight. The more you travel, too, the more cost-effective Pre✓enrollment becomes. That $17-per-year enrollment fee works out to $2.13 for four round trips, or $1.06 at eight round trips in one year— less than the cost of an average cup of coffee.

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