Fall Okanagan Wine Festival –enjoyment tour package at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

You will really enjoy the Okanagan Wine festival along with its Fall Weather, and Wines and to make a tour and travel to this place will be just an ultimate experience.



Needless to say that this fest attracts people from all the nook and corners of the US along with its attraction as a nice occasion for family celebration and get together with friends as well.

We here at the promptbuscharters.com used to get busy during this season for we know that it is the season for there are four other annual festivals as well with one each per season. Do you believe in total there are nearly 165 of them are there.

The two week fall festival is even more special as it happens to be the only festival in North America happening in the heart of harvest season.

The festival dates:

2014 – Oct 3-12
2015 – Oct 2-11

You can also attend here the wine seminars along with the nice dinners in the restaurants and wineries for that matter.

If you don’t like this one, then don’t worry…there is a lot among them in North America like the

Decanter Wine Festival
Finger Lake Wine Festival
Sonoma County Wine Festival


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