Discovering NYC with its 5 Places To See Insanely Gorgeous Cherry Blossom in NYC with the Prompt Bus Charters!

The city of New York literally has a plethora of tour destinations and your trip and travel to the city along with the Prompt Bus Charters is going to make it a hot one for you.

Just visit the Central Park from mid to late April and enjoy first buds of two species of cherry trees – the Kwanzan Cherry and Yoshino Cherry.

You cannot miss the pale pink flowers in clusters of five or six.

It will interest you to know that the first trees were brought as a gift into the U.S. from Japan in 1912.

Now they have grown up to 30 feet as well.

Cherry Blossom NYC Celebrated in Brooklyn Botanical Garden



The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are panoramic year round, and what you will enjoy here is the Cherry Blossom Festival NYC.
There are three areas for enjoying the cherry trees here: Cherry Walk and Cherry Esplanade, a huge lawn with parallel rows of trees, and the Japanese Garden, where petals are reflected in the water of a small pond.

Cherry Walk, Riverside Park, Manhattan

cherry walk

Early April – During the Spring in NYC…you can see and explore here numerous cherry trees are in bloom, and thus the city becoming something of a `Garden City of Cherry Blossom’. Explore the walkway along the Hudson River, from 100th Street to 125th Street, is known as Cherry Walk. You will find then being dotted with cherry trees.
Cherry Blossom NYC at Roosevelt Island

cherry-blossom-nyc-cc-vegetablepredator-at-flickr cherry roose

Then there is the Roosevelt Island along with its 59th Street Bridge, across from the United Nations, Roosevelt Island has 600 incredible cherry trees with its full bloom.

You will appreciate here the yearly cherry blossom festival takes place along the East River Promenade featuring Japanese culture, food, spring wine tasting and other activities as well.


Ready with the Prompt BUS Charters to explore the joy of blossom!




                     Oh! Happy! Happy! happy journey


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