Corporate Charter Bus & Minibus Service Rental


Prompt Bus Charters has been providing Charter Bus and Minibus rental service, for corporate clients for several decades. From Fortune 500 Companies to start ups, we’re the most trusted name for Reliable, Safe, Efficient, and Economic travel. We also have the most modern and well maintained vehicles in the industry, ensuring you a comfortable, enjoyable, and productive trip.


What’s Special About Us?

Most Modern Fleet

We have the most modern fleet in the industry, ensuring your trip is a comfortable, enjoyable, and productive one.

Superior Comfort: From our plush reclining seats with footrests to the extra legroom, Heating/AC, Onboard lavatory, you’ll find our vehicles give you first class comfort, that’s unmatched in the industry.

Enjoyable Trip: Our vehicles are equipped with state of the art entertainment center, that includes Plasma/LCD TV’s, Surround Sound, Panoramic Windows, and more to ensure you actually enjoy the onboard experience as well.

Productive Trip: With amenities such as: WIFI, Power Outlets, State of the art PA System, Projection System, you’ll find our vehicles will help you stay productive to get all your work done even on the go.


Largest Selection of Buses

From our ultra Luxury Deluxe Motor Coaches, Party and Entertainer Buses, to our more budget friendly Minibuses and Passenger vans, we can handle any size group, with any size budget. Even on short notice, we’ll have a vehicle that fits your need ready for your trip.

Prompt and Efficient Service

When you book with us, not only do you get great vehicles, you also get a superior service. We’re particularly focus on getting you in and out on time. What’s special about our service is, we choose the most efficient routes for your trip. As a matter of fact your trip routes are always pre-planned, with backup routes identified and established ahead of time to compensate for any incidents that may occur on the road. So you never have to be late to another We value your time, because timing is everything.event again.

So call us today at  877-456-9996  or visit and ask for a FREE no obligation quote.

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