Birmingham Zoo tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

birmingham zoo

You will enjoy here the Predator Zone, presented by Birmingham Coca-Cola Bottling Company, is one of a few of its kind in the U.S. with lions along with two African Lions, a five year old male, Kwanza and a four year old female, Akili, at the Birmingham Zoo. At Predator Zone, visitors will see zookeepers conduct training sessions on a daily basis through commands which acts as another tool for zookeepers to monitor the animals’ health and well-being on a regular basis. You will find here at the zoo 950 animals from many continents, including many endangered species nestled on 122 acres along with the

What You’ll Find at the Zoo

Fine Feathered Friends
From ostriches and flamingos to vultures and endangered white-naped cranes- more than 300 birds nest here.

Sensational Sea Lions
Majestic marine mammals, and the Zoo’s sea lions.
Gentle Giants
Rhinos and hippos are tons of fun with a memory to match their size.
Savanna SafariBaby Zebra
The African Savanna is home to some of the wildest beasts around. The Zoo’s Savanna features lions, zebras, ostriches, and giraffes.

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