AOS PUEBLO tour experience at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US


You will enjoy the multistory, mud-and-straw adobes sheltering the Tiwa-speaking Native Americans for nearly 1,000 years, making them both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest collection of multistory pueblo dwellings in the U.S. As though frozen in time along with the

You might be interested to know that the Taos Pueblo today appears just like when the first Spanish explorers arrived in New Mexico in 1540.

It is interesting to note that the pueblo was constructed in a setting backed by the Taos Mountains of the Sangre de Cristo Range and the settlement was built on either side of Rio Pueblo de Taos, also called Rio Pueblo and Red Willow Creek, a small stream that flows through the middle of the pueblo compound.

Taos Pueblo’s most prominent architectural feature is a multi-storied residential complex of reddish-brown adobe, built on either side of the Rio Pueblo.!7-taos-pueblo

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