Albany tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

You might be interested to find the city of Albany a place of parks and recreation. You will find here nearly 60 public parks and recreation areas.

You might be interested to find here in the city various parks like Lincoln Park, Buckingham Park, the Corning Preserve, and the Pine Bush along with the

The Lincoln Park, being situated at the southwest of the Empire State Plaza, was organized in 1886 whihc was originally known as Beaver Park.

Now, you can enjoy here in its pool open during the summer months. You will enjoy the Buckingham Lake Park located between Manning Boulevard and Route 85 in the Buckingham Pond neighborhood having containd in it a pond with fountains, a footpath, a playground, and picnic tables.

The Albany Riverfront Park being located at the Corning Preserve has an 800-seat amphitheatre hosting events in non-winter months, like the Alive at 5 summer concert series.

You can aslo enjoy in other public parks like the Westland Hill Park, Hoffman Park, Beverwyck Park, Ridgefield Park, and Liberty Park, etc.

The city is also an ideal place for festivals as well like the Tulip Festival, one of Albany’s largest festivals, being conducted in Washington Park and celebrates the city’s Dutch heritage.

You will find the traditional Albany event marks the beginning of spring with numerous thousands of tulips bloom in the park in early May.

You will enjoy here the Freihofer’s Run for Women with its 5-kilometer run through the city drawing nearly 4,000 participants from across the country- the annual event that began in 1978.

You will find the The Albany Chefs’ Food & Wine Festival- the Wine & Dine for the Arts is an annual Festival hosting more than 3500 people over 3 days will aslo mesmerise you.

You will find the Festival showcasing more than 70 Regional Chefs & Restaurants, 250 Global Wines & Spirits, a NYS Craft Beer Pavilion, 4 competitions (The Signature Chef Invitational, Rising Star Chef, Barista Albany and Battle of the Bartenders) and one Grand Gala Reception, Dinner & Auction featuring 10 f Albany’s Iconic Chefs.

You can aslo find here in the city the smaller events like the African American Family Day Arts Festival each August at the Empire State Plaza; the Latin Fest, held each August at the Corning Preserve, the Albany Jazz Festival, an annual end-of-summer event held at the Corning Preserve, Lark Fest, a music and art festival held each fall, and the Capital Pride Parade and Festival, etc for that matter.,_New_York

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