Peekskill, New York Charter Bus Rentals

Peekskill, formally the City of Peekskill, is a city in Westchester County, New York. Peekskill is arranged on an inlet along the east side of the Hudson River, opposite Jones Point.


These are the most important tourist attractions of Peekskill.

1. Hudson Valley MOCA
2. Peekskill Landing Park
3. Blue Mountain Reservation
4. Paramount Hudson Valley
5. Charles Point
6. The Coop
7. Annsville Creek Preserve
8. Peekskill Museum
9. Depew Park
10. Lincoln Depot Museum is one of the leading charter bus rental companies in Peekskill. We offer all type of modern charter buses with an affordable charter bus price. We will help you plan your charter bus trip in Peekskill. So you can make sure that your charter bus trip will be safe, comfortable, hassle free and economical too. Call us today at                1-877-456-9996 and ask for a free charter bus quote.

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