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Annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival tour along with the Prompt Bus Charters

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival showcases the works of 360 internationally recognized artists

The annual arts festival in Coconut Grove will showcase its festivities in the most attractive format! You can’t forget its artistic performances, delicious cuisines, all along with its live entertainment programmes and just with the

Hard selection…The participating lot of the artists is the selected few from whopping thousands!

You can see the wholesome representation of the art world being included in this like music, photography, visual art, and mixed media.

The highlights being exhibits from Visual Arts, Culinary Arts, Performing Arts, Palette Breakfast, Global Food Village, Recreational Arts

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival Gallery and the Hunter Gallery adds to the charm! You can see exhibitions here in these places all through the year.


Miami- Make your city handy

As you assume, the city of Miami is an unforgettable place along with its panoramic beaches, beautiful architecture along with its tropical weather. This is really a triumphant combination! Now coming to the ethnicities here, you can see a mix up of different segments like Latin and European cultures.

Hence a plethora of diverse voices and flavors. At once you are in the midst of populace conglomerate with its Spanish Portuguese and French, Italian, English and German. Its outstanding are really nice! Floribbean , the native cruise is sure to engage you along with its blend of Latin and Caribbean flavors.  You can enjoy all these along with the

Water sports, sightseeing, Everglades National parks…the list is endless and the expectations soaring limitlessly!

An experience those families and the adventures both enjoy and enthrall!


Empanada, Palomilla Steak, Cuban sandwich Arroz con pollo, Paella, Cevice, Plantains.


Mojitos Cuban coffee


Tours to Miami, Key West, and to the Everglades provide nice experience.

Disney world

Then there is the Disney World, an awesome place for families with kids.

Not to left behind are the theme parks like the Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, SeaWorld Orlando, etc.

Universal studio Sea world Orlando

The fact that the city offers world-class resorts, shopping, golf, make it appealing.

Temperature chart

Average daily

October – May
Days – 70s F (22 C) to 80s F (27 C)
Nights – 60s F (16 C) to 60s F (20 C)

June – September
Days – 80s F (27 C) to 90s F (32 C)
Nights – 70s F (20 C) to 70s F (25 C)

Miami International Airport – Gateway to the city of tourism

Tourists from any part of the world can easily rush to the city to enjoy the tourist destinations here for its fully facilitated airport.

The airport will act as a hub for American Airlines and American Eagle and the cargo carriers like the UPS Airlines and FedEx Express; along with the charter airline Miami Air.

You will find the city airport famous for Avianca and LAN Airlines along with its subsidiaries useful for transportation and cargo passage.

The factors that help to facilitate the Mimi International Airport are nothing other than its awesome tourist destinations, indigenous economic growth, large populance of Latin America and Europe.

Its strategic location making it easy to handle traffic between North America, Latin America, and Europe also plays a major hand.

The highlight of this Miami International Airport is its passenger and cargo flights to all the in the Americas and Europe, along with its facilities of cargo flights to Asia.

Miami International holds distinction as the one among the seven U.S. airports to accommodate the Airbus A380 jumbo jet.

Moreover, it is also the largest gateway between the US and Latin America along with its distinction as the one of the largest airline hubs in the US and all these will contribute to the number of incoming tourist going up and  see places attracting more tourists to the city as well…in both ways true! You can enjoy the city along with the

It is well to remember that a few years before in 2011, Miami airport got the second top rank in the US by percentage of international flights and second by volume of international passengers, the top being New York–JFK.
Making a honorable mark- the Miami International Airport

6 Miami events chart exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US



miami 1



Diversity, appeal and thrill-the words that substantially sums up the events in Miami!

The city is famous for its host of Miami concerts comprising of the performance of the greats like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, The Police, Pink Floyd, Andrea Bocelli, Maroon 5, etc with the

Miami Florida has the best nightlife in the U.S. and the city is live with mesmerising parties each day and the Miami night clubs offering special parties as well.

You will find such parties being organized with special and diverse music, topics, along with its nice.

The annual events like Aqua Girl Miami, Miami White Party and the Miami Winter Party are just nothing but great!

In the events like sport seasons and championships, the city is rich with its college football and NBA games, and the city has a host of home teams like the Miami Hurricanes, Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers, etc  along with the 

The Miami events have an appeal of their own like the 4th of July at the Bay front Park, the Columbus Regatta Party remembering the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas. Then there is the New Year’s Eve celebration, and Halloween Parties at the best Miami night clubs.

The glittering and glamorous Miami…the city in all its luminous appeal…glistening night…eventful ports

The distinctions being attributed to the city

Miami is noted as a place of prime spot for finance, culture, media, commerce, entertainment, along with international trade.
Miami was declared as an Alpha- World City by the World Cities Study Group’s inventory. The concept of world city or sometimes alpha city or world center is the concept related with a city having an important place in the global economic system.


miami 1

Miami is the thirty-third among global cities.
Miami is one of the cleanest cities in the USA by way of its ranking regarding year-round good air quality, clean drinking water, ample space for greenery, hygienic streets along with its city-wide recycling programs.
Miami is also known as the “Capital of Latin America”
It is the second largest U.S. city with a Spanish-speaking population
So is it with the largest Cuban-American plurality.
You will be interested to know that Miami in houses the largest concentration of international banks in the US
The Civic Center part of the city is the prime spot for research institutes, medical centers, and biotechnology industries and you can explore the city along with the
Earlier the city has also the nickname like the “Cruise Capital of the World,” for its popularity as the topmost cruise passenger port in the world accommodating the world’s largest cruise ships and operations. along with the

Travel to Upper Brookville and enjoy its destinations all along with the Prompt Bus Charters

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Prompt Bus Charters provides the professional services to the city of Upper Grand View, NY

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Denver’s Arts and Culture and the charter bus rentals expose you to all these with the Prompt Bus Charters!

The fact is that the Denver, Colorado, is well known as the “The Mile High City”, and it will be of wonder to your to know tat this government building has 1,609 meters height and you will sure to enjoy it.


The point is that you can call this city the place for all…something for everyone!

What you will see here will be the nice arts scene along with its numerous walkable points to panoramic landscapes!

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Discovering NYC with its 5 Places To See Insanely Gorgeous Cherry Blossom in NYC with the Prompt Bus Charters!

The city of New York literally has a plethora of tour destinations and your trip and travel to the city along with the Prompt Bus Charters is going to make it a hot one for you.

Just visit the Central Park from mid to late April and enjoy first buds of two species of cherry trees – the Kwanzan Cherry and Yoshino Cherry.

You cannot miss the pale pink flowers in clusters of five or six.

It will interest you to know that the first trees were brought as a gift into the U.S. from Japan in 1912.

Now they have grown up to 30 feet as well.

Cherry Blossom NYC Celebrated in Brooklyn Botanical Garden



The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are panoramic year round, and what you will enjoy here is the Cherry Blossom Festival NYC.
There are three areas for enjoying the cherry trees here: Cherry Walk and Cherry Esplanade, a huge lawn with parallel rows of trees, and the Japanese Garden, where petals are reflected in the water of a small pond.

Cherry Walk, Riverside Park, Manhattan

cherry walk

Early April – During the Spring in NYC…you can see and explore here numerous cherry trees are in bloom, and thus the city becoming something of a `Garden City of Cherry Blossom’. Explore the walkway along the Hudson River, from 100th Street to 125th Street, is known as Cherry Walk. You will find then being dotted with cherry trees.
Cherry Blossom NYC at Roosevelt Island

cherry-blossom-nyc-cc-vegetablepredator-at-flickr cherry roose

Then there is the Roosevelt Island along with its 59th Street Bridge, across from the United Nations, Roosevelt Island has 600 incredible cherry trees with its full bloom.

You will appreciate here the yearly cherry blossom festival takes place along the East River Promenade featuring Japanese culture, food, spring wine tasting and other activities as well.


Ready with the Prompt BUS Charters to explore the joy of blossom!




                     Oh! Happy! Happy! happy journey


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You will spot here in the city has a lot of points for you to take rest and relaxation and you can pass time by visiting cafes, shops and there are number of other places as well like the zoo.

You can also take a tour at Madison Square Garden, and you will see the Square Garden hosting professional basketball and hockey games.

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