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From Kindergarten up through University,we do trips for student groups of all ages. is the most preferred Charter Bus rental service. From our 15 Passenger Minibuses to our 61 Passenger Deluxe Motor Coaches,  and School Buses, we have the vehicles that’s just right for your next event. From Ultra luxury to Economical, we can work with your budget to put together a package that works for you.


Having operated for several decades, we’re proud to say, we’ve had zero incidents in all our years of operation. However, this record is not a fluke, it is the result of stringent safety standards we’ve established for both our vehicles and drivers.

To begin with, our drivers are carefully selected and subjected to rigorous training before being deployed on the road. We guarantee drivers are professional, courteous, and of the highest character.

Next, comes our vehicles. Our vehicles are well maintained, and up to date. So when you book with us, you never have to worry about being stuck on the road with an old broken down bus. We only provide you the most up to date and well maintained vehicles. This also contributes to our stellar safety record.


When you book with us, you not only get modern vehicles, but our wealth of experience. We are a well known name in the transportation for being an efficient company that can manage transportation for thousands of people. From Conferences to Presidential campaigns, we have done thousands of small and large scale events.

This means, our transportation specialists will work with you to craft an efficient plan that will save you time and money. From the most efficient pick and drop off spots, to pre-planned routes, with backup route identification to get you in and out on time, we’re experts at managing your trip efficiently.

Largest Selection of Buses

Another reason for booking with us is our fleet. We have the largest selection of buses in the industry. From our 61 Passenger Deluxe Motor Coach to our 15 passenger Minibus, we have the seating capacity that suits your need. From Ultra luxury to economical, we can work with your budget to find a vehicle that fits your need. Whether you need 5 buses or 500, we have the fleet ready to go for you.

Superior Comfort: From our plush reclining seats with footrests to the extra legroom, Heating/AC, Onboard lavatory, you’ll find our vehicles give you first class comfort, that’s unmatched in the industry.

Enjoyable Trip: Our vehicles are equipped with state of the art entertainment center, that includes Plasma/LCD TV’s, Surround Sound, PA System, Panoramic Windows, and more to ensure you actually enjoy the onboard experience as well. Watch a few movies together, and enjoy great bonding time with each other. Use the PA system to get everybody together to play a few games, and have a great time enjoying each other’s company.

Productive Trip: With amenities such as: WIFI, Power Outlets, State of the art PA System, Projection System, you’ll find our vehicles will help you stay productive to get all your work done even on the go.

Reliable, First Class Service

We are quite adamant about delivering prompt service, as a matter of fact it’s in our name. When you book a trip with us, your routes are pre-planned, with backup routes identified, and established ahead of time to compensate for any incidents that may occur on the road. So you never have to be late again.

Our customer service is also first class, from quote requests to vehicle details, you’ll find our staff are proactive, courteous and efficient. They’ll help you plan your entire trip efficiently using their in-depth expertise. So you’ll always be provided with a custom planned trip suited for your particular need. Our staff will ensure you get only the best experience and service throughout.

Contact us @ 1-877-456-9996 today for a FREE no obligation, quote.

Popular Charter Bus Models


MCI J4500

Prevost H3-45
Setra 417 TC VAN HOOL CX   45 Volvo 9700
Media Enhanced A/V system with s, AM/FM/CD/DVD, 15”Widescreen high definition monitors AM/FM/CD/DVD player, 15” HD Widescreen monitorS, Premium sound, Tour guide wireless microphone, PA System, Scenic View Camera Flat screen TV’s, Premium sound, Wireless Microphone, CD/DVD Enhanced audio system with cordless microphones, DVD Player, In motion TV Satellite system HD Flat screen monitors, DVD Player, Tour guide microphone
Storage Overhead bin storage, Undercarriage compartments with 573 cu ft. of space. Overhead enclosed parcel storage, 460 cu ft. underfloor storage capacity Overhead Enclosed Parcel racks, underfloor luggage compartment Overhead enclosed parcel racks, 440.4 cu ft. of underfloor storage. Overhead parcel racks, 400 cu ft. of Underfloor storage
Seating 56 passenger, Amaya thin back seat, Limousine-style interiors, tiered theatre seating for prime view, 110v Outlet with USB at every seat 56 passenger Amaya A 220 or Sigma, 110v Outlet at every seat 56 Passenger composition leather, reclining seats with auto retractable seatbacks, and footrests, 110v Outlet at every seat 56 Passenger, Amaya A-220, Torino G Plus, GT or A-2TEN Seats w/ Footrest, 110v outlet at every seat w/without USB 56 Passenger,Amaya seats with footrests, armrests, 110v Outlet at every seat
Lavatory ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

A Comprehensive Guide on Charter Bus Services

You’ve got a group trip coming up, and you’re scrambling to find a safe and efficient way to transport everyone together and promptly to your destination. If you’re thinking about chartering a plane or everyone driving in different cars, one is too expensive, and the other is too inefficient, with people arriving at vastly different times. So what’s the most efficient way to transport large groups of people for your group event?

Okay, let’s stop the suspense, we’ll give you the answer. The most efficient way to transport large groups of people together, safely, and promptly is to hire a Charter Bus/es. This guide will give you all the information you need to know about Charter  Bus rentals.

What is a Charter Bus?

It refers to Buses that can be chartered or rented out for any group event. Charter buses are different in that, the routes they travel are determined by the person/s renting the bus, compared to a line bus that travels fixed routes and on timing pre-determined by the company. In other words, when you charter a bus, you determine where you want to go, when you want to go, and what route you want to take.


What are the physical features of a Charter Bus?

Charter buses are visually appealing buses that are sleek and modern. They have features, such as: Tinted Windows, undercarriage luggage compartments (underneath the side windows, Reclining Plush cushioned seating with footrests, Entertainment center with Plasma TV/LCD, PA System, Onboard restroom, Overhead luggage bins, etc. They usually have the company’s logo painted on the side of the bus as well.


What are some Appropriate Situations/Organizations that may necessitate Charter Buses?

Corporate Events: Corporations are looking for Reliable, Safe, Efficient, and Affordable transport. Charter Buses meet all of those demands. Conferences, Conventions, Seminars, Trade Shows/Exhibitions, Company outings, and a variety of other corporate events involving large groups.

Schools and Colleges: From Field Trips, Competitions, Outings, Sporting Events, Fraternity/Sorrority events, Campus Tours, to Tournaments of all types, and any event requiring transport of large groups. Safety

Weddings/Bachelor/ette Parties: Designating drivers at these events can be a big headache, and even impractical. That’s why Couples, and Wedding Planners/Event Management companies go for Charter Bus rentals.

Church Trips: From Crusades, Conventions/Conferences, Concerts, Outings/Picnics, Fellowship Events, being together is a major part of Church trips. Having everyone drive in separate cars, and arrive at different times defeats the purpose of the bonding and fellowship Church groups look to foster. The perfect option in these situations, is Charter Bus Rental.

Sports Teams: When you’ve got a large group of Team Members, Staff, and Even fans, Charter Bus is a preferred choice for transport. Whether it be the extra luggage space to carry equipment and baggage, or the onboard restroom, State of the art entertainment center, Plush reclining seats with Footrests, the Comfort, and Reliability of charter buses makes it the most preferred way to travel.

Group Events: If you have a group event that requires the transport of 15 or more people, then charter bus is a Safe, Reliable, Efficient,Comfortable and Affordable way to travel. From our 15 passenger minibus to our 61 passenger Deluxe Motorcoach, and plenty of options in between, we can get you as many vehicles as you need. From 50 people to 50,000, we’ll make sure all your guests are taken care of.


What’s the Seating Capacity of a typical Charter Bus?

It varies, but you have several options. If you’ve got 15 Passengers or less, you can go with a 15 passenger minibus. But if you’ve got more than 15 people, you can go with the 24 passenger minibus, and if you’ve got more than that, the 30 passenger minibus is a great option.


If there are more than 30 people, the next step up is the 37 passenger mini coach bus, and if you still have more people you can rent party bus, that can accommodate up to 50 people.


Our biggest vehicle is the motor coach, which can seat anywhere from 47-61 passengers, depending on the type and model of vehicle. Don’t forget our school buses which seat 48 passengers are a budget friendly option.

What are some of the differences a Charter Bus, Minibus, and Party Bus?


The main difference Between a Charter Bus and Minibus is size. A Charter bus can carry more people, anywhere from 47-61 people. However minibus can carry anywhere from 15-37 people. Remember, there are classes of Charter buses too. Also remember, charter buses have an onboard lavatory and luggage space, that mini buses. That’s why minibuses are generally used for short trips, and charter buses are used for longer trips.


A party bus on the other hand really has some particular amenities, such as a hardwood dance floor, making this a favorite for doing parties, and it can fit anywhere from 15-50 people depending on the model and type of bus.

What are the Amenities found in a Charter Bus rental?


  • Reclining seats with footrests
  • Lavatory
  • Panoramic Windows
  • AC/Heating
  • WiFi
  • Power Outlets
  • PA System
  • Plasma/LCD TV

What’s the Storage Space Like on a Charter Bus?

Overhead Bins above the seats provide space for your most reached for personal belongings, where it’s most accessible


If storage is important to you, then Charter buses are a great option. There are overhead bins inside the vehicle, which will keep your belongings that you reach for the most within your reach. But there are compartments (shown in the picture below) underneath the bus for larger items such as your luggage and equipment. These undercarriage compartments are large spaces that can store your entire group’s luggage and equipment.

Undercarriage compartments underneath the bus provide ample space for your group’s luggage and equipment

How are the restrooms inside the Charter Buses?

The lavatory inside buses are convenient, and small. They will have a toilet and sink inside with enough space to move around.

What about Wheelchair Accessibility?

If you request wheelchair accessibility, companies are required bound by the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide you a bus that is wheelchair accessible. But remember, every bus is not equipped for wheelchair accessibility, so make sure to ask for one that specifically has wheelchair accessibility.


What about beds, are charter buses equipped with beds?

Regular charter buses aren’t equipped with beds, however, you’ll find the plush reclining seats with footrests will help you relax and stay well rested for your trip.


If you insist on having bunk beds, then we recommend you book an entertainer coach, which are equipped with up to 12 bunk beds.


Do Charter Buses have seatbelts?

Buses manufactured before 2016 are not required to have seatbelts, they may have them, but were not required by law to do so. Buses manufactured after November 2016 are required to have them, as it was mandated by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

What about your drivers, are they trained to drive buses?

You can rest assured, we operate according to all of the federal safety regulations. This includes, the requirements for our motorcoach drivers to possess a CDL, with a passenger endorsement, have sufficient training and experience to operate a motorcoach, possess a valid medical examiner’s certificate, etc.


What about unplanned stops, will you stop at places that were not originally part of the itinerary, when needed?

If we’re stopping for a quick break, to grab something to eat, etc., remember the drivers do make those stops to give everyone a break, and get some fresh air, as they themselves need it too. But stops for long periods of time, may incur additional charges.


Do I need to book my trip several months in advance?

If you’re looking to get a good rate, we recommend you book at least 1-3 months before the trip. April, May, and June are busy months, during this period of time, we recommend you book 6-9 months ahead of time to get a good deal.


Having said that, if you have a last minute trip, we guarantee, we’ll find you the right vehicle for your group.


What will a Charter Bus cost?

Charter bus cost depends on many factors, but distance and duration are one of the most important factors. That is, if your trip if you’re planning a long distance trip, then your rate will be assessed by mileage , if you’re planning a trip that spans several days, your rate will assessed per day.


However, pricing depends on so many factors, to get a more accurate estimate for your trip, provide your travel specialist with a detailed itinerary. Also, check out our pricing guide to look at other factors that influence pricing.


Are we obliged to tip our driver?

You are not required to tip the driver, but it is common courtesy to do so. We recommend, tipping your driver 10-20% of the trip’s cost. You can get more details from your travel specialist on the different ways you can tip your driver.


Which Company should I book with?

You should only book with a company that can meet most if not all of your trip’s requirements. This means you should work out a detailed plan of your trip before searching for a Bus Rental company.


In addition to that, there are a few other factors you should take into consideration before making that decision. First, make sure you have an experienced operator. This will help you avoid a lot of the headaches, that come with hiring inexperienced companies. We have been operating for several decades, and can manage your trip efficiently. From choosing the most efficient route to having backup routes identified ahead of time, we have the expertise to get you in and out on time, without adding additional mileage.


Second, book with a company that’s close to your pick up location. If you book a bus that’s far away from your pickup location, you’ll have to pay for the unused mileage. Because we operate all over the united states, you won’t need to worry about that.


What information do I need to get a quote?

As mentioned before, it’s best to have a very detailed plan of your itinerary to get the most accurate quote. Here are some of the most essential pieces of information you’ll need.


  1. Pick up location addresses, and dropoff location addresses.
  2. Trip start date, pick up time, drop off time, and trip end date
  3. The number of passengers expected on the trip, and the amount of luggage and equipment.
  4. The number of stops in between, and the locations of the stops.
  5. Type of amenities needed, wheelchair accessibility, WIFI, Power Outlets, Entertainment Center, etc.


With the above mentioned pieces of information gathered, you’ll be ready to get your first Charter Bus Quote.


Can we bring our pets along with us on the Bus?

Generally speaking, most companies don’t allow pets on the bus. However, an exemption can be made for service animals, as they must be allowed on by law under the Americans with Disabilities Act


What are some other things that cannot be brought onboard?

In general, any sort of explosives, flammable items, harmful and dangerous chemicals, weapons, etc. But please be sure to ask the company to get a comprehensive list of prohibited items. Also, please be advised, smoking is prohibited while on board, you can smoke at rest stops outside of the bus.


Can Alcoholic Beverages be brought onboard?

Companies might allow adult passengers to bring and consume alcohol on the bus, but most companies would ask for a refundable deposit to cover repair of any damages that may be caused by passengers while inebriated.


Also remind your group to be careful to engage in any activities that may distract the driver while onboard, especially when the vehicle is in motion, as the entire group’s safety may be compromised.

Six Things You Should Bring on a Bus Trip

california city
Traveling by charter buses have proved itself to be one of the most efficient ways to travel long distances. If you choose Prompt Bus Charters’ services, our buses come with free Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, extra legroom, and much more. When you travel with us, you won’t have to worry about any of the details of the trip. All you need to focus on is what to pack. Below are the best six things you should bring on your chartered bus trip.

  1. Comfortable Clothing

One of the most important packing essentials for a bus trip, especially a long one, is comfortable clothing and shoes. When you’re in a seat for that long, clothing shouldn’t keep you from being comfortable. We recommend light apparel that is comfortable for both relaxing and sleeping. Slip-on shoes are also a good choice for travelers.

 2. Hygiene Items

While our bus lavatories are furnished with basic bathroom necessities, you should consider bringing your own personal hygiene items and toiletries. A few good examples include hand soap, your own toothbrush and toothpaste, combs and brushes, etc. After using the bathroom, please remember to clean up after yourself for the benefit of other travelers.

 3. Snacks & Drinks

Another important thing a traveler should consider packing is something to munch on. While the bus will stop for meals, you might want something to chew on between stops. That’s why packing extra snacks and drinks are always important. A few popular snacks include chips, cookies, gummy worms, and more. A refillable water bottle might also be beneficial.

 4. Entertainment

From kids to elders, everyone needs something to pass the time. That’s why a good source of entertainment is always suggested for a bus. Some might consider a book, others a video game console. Prompt Bus Charters offers complimentary Wi-Fi in our motor coaches. Passengers can take advantage of this and connect their devices for the ride. That way, they’ll be able to scroll through social media, watch a movie, or even learn more about their destination all in the comfort of a chartered bus.

 5. On-Board Storage

Items like a backpack or a purse are always useful on long road trips of any kind, including a charter bus trip. In it, you can store your extra clothing, hygiene items, snacks and drinks, entertainment, souvenirs, and much more. A backpack can also be a safe place to store important items like a passport or wallet. You can keep your backpack under your seat or overhead in the provided storage bins.

6. Sleeping aids

Some can sleep anywhere. Literally anywhere. Others might not find it so easy. That’s why many travelers bring sleeping and comfort aids, to help them relax. Depending on the person, it might be hard to relax while in a bus. Sleeping pills can help give the passenger rest and energized for their next stop. Prompt Bus Charters’ bus seats also recline for the passenger’s comfort.



Thanks for reading our guide on what to pack for your next chartered bus trip. If you’re interested in efficient land travel, visit to find out more. For a detailed quote, call us at ☎ 1-877-456-9996. We work hard so you can travel easy.
Happy Travels!

The Tallahassee Charter Bus Trip


Places to Visit/Things to Do

The Tallahassee Museum is one of the most popular attractions within the city is the Tallahassee Museum. The attraction is the perfect place for those looking to enjoy the outdoors. It includes over 50 acres of trails, a zip line, an adventure course in the air, interesting live exhibits of both plants and animals, and much more. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find rare animals throughout the attraction’s property. Tallahassee Museum charges between $7.50 and $10.50 depending on age of the visitor. If you want to access the zip line and adventure course, you will have to pay extra by taking course tickets or combo packages. The museum is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm on Mondays through Saturdays and from 11 am to 5 pm on Sundays. They are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, and New Year’s Day.


If you want to learn more about this history of Florida and its role in politics, head over to the Florida Historic Capitol Museum. When you arrive, your jaws will drop at the beautiful building, an architectural magnificence. The buildings were originally built in the 1840s soon before Florida became one of the States. It used to be used as government buildings, but it became a historical site after the New Capitol opened. The historic museum is free for all guests, but there is no parking, so you’ll have to pay a fee to park in a nearby parking lot. There is also a convenient café and coffee shop inside if you get hungry. The facility is open from 9 am to 4:30 pm on the weekdays and from 10 am to 4:30 pm on Saturday. On Sundays and holidays other than Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are open from noon to 4:30 pm.


The Museum of Florida History is another interesting museum located in the capital city of Florida. It contains artifacts from thousands of years ago to World War memorabilia. There is also an interesting collection of battle ships. The most popular exhibit is that of Herman, a giant skeleton. Herman is an 11-foot Mastodon skeleton found in a nearby state park years ago. There are plenty of other things to do at the downtown attraction, and even a restaurant on-site. The Egg Express, the museum’s restaurant, offers light food for breakfast and lunch. The museum is free to enter, but they accept donations. They are open from 9 am to 4:30 pm on the weekdays, and from 10 am to 4:30 on Saturday. On Sunday, they open at noon and close at 4:30 pm.


The Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park is the perfect place to stop and unwind amongst the beautiful flowers and other flora that grow here. At the state park, you’ll find many kinds of flowers, from azaleas to magnolia and jasmine. Not only are there flowers, but the state park also features nature trails and bike paths, so you can do you more while you gaze at nature’s beauty. If you packed a lunch, there are several picnic pavilions located throughout the property. There is also a lake pavilion, where you can lay back and watch the birds fly past. The state park is open every day from 8 am till the sun goes down. The gardens itself open at 9 am and closes at 5 pm. The park costs from $2 to 6, depending how many visitors in a vehicle. The garden costs from $3 to $6 depending on the age of the visitor.


A unique attraction to visit is the Tallahassee Automobile Museum. The museum features all things cars, as well as collectibles like knives and more. The most popular displays inside are the 1911 Ford Model T Torpedo Runabout, the 1966 Cherry Twister Mustang, and more. You will also be able to view famous rides, from Abe Lincoln’s hearse to cars featured in big-time movies. The Tallahassee Automobile Museum is open every day, but with different hours depending on the day. Monday through Friday, they are open from 8 am to 5 pm; on Saturdays, the doors are open from 10 am to 5 pm. They open at noon on Sundays. The museum charges admission fees, which can range from $8 to $17.50 depending on the age of the visitor. Students who present valid school or college IDs can get in for $11.75 per person.


Best Way to Tour Tallahassee, FL

  • The best way to tour the city of Tallahassee (as well as many other cities) is by chartered buses and vans. Explore at your own pace within the safety of your private vehicle. Don’t worry about ordering an Uber or Lyft when you have your own exploration vehicle. Through Prompt Bus Charters, you can order the buses you need. Prompt Bus Charters is an amazing, affordable chartered vehicle company that caters to your every need. Whether you need a bus for school trips, marriages, parties, campaigns, or whatever else, Prompt Bus Charters can help you. Prompt Bus Charters offers deluxe motor coaches, mini buses, school buses, party buses, and more. Most activities and destinations listed above and below are accessible by chartered buses. Visit to book your rental bus today!


 Best Places to Shop/Eat

  • Governor’s Square – Governor’s Square is the main shopping mall within the Floridian capital. It features about 120 stores and services, as well as plenty of dining options. If you were looking to do some shopping for your favorite brands, you might want to stop here.
  • The Centre of Tallahassee – The Centre of Tallahassee, previously known as Tallahassee Mall, is another major shopping center with about 100 stores and services. They feature 4 anchor tenants, so you can shop till you drop.
  • Governor’s Marketplace – The Governor’s Marketplace is a hole-in-the-wall shopping mall conveniently located within the city. It features a few stores and eateries, so don’t expect to find designer brands here. Nonetheless, it can still be a great place to shop.
  • Shula’s 347 Grill – If you’re looking for a great place to eat, consider eating at Shula’s 347 Grill. The American restaurant features tons of options, even for non-meat eaters. It is rated the #1 fine dining restaurant in the city by tripadvisor for 2018.
  • Kool Beanz Café – If you prefer something more local, you must visit the Kool Beanz Café. The American/International restaurant also features vegetarian and vegan options. Kool Beanz Café is rated the #1 local cuisine restaurant in the city by tripadvisor for 2018.


 Enjoy your Tallahassee Trip!



Moments in Montreal

Places to Visit/Things to Do

Most cities have a story behind them or their name. In many cases, they are named after a location or person. Montreal, Quebec, is named after a 761-foot hill, Mont-Royal. Many come to this hill for jogging, picnics, and much more at its Parc du Mont-Royal (Mount Royal Park). If you get a chance to visit during the warmer months, you can rent boats to row across the Mount Royal Park’s Beaver Lake. Parc due Mont-Royal is free for public merriment from the rising of the sun to its setting. While entrance to the park is free, on-site amenities cost money, such as the ceveral eateries and gift shop located within the park. You can find out about more activities and amenities on Mount Royal’s website.


Every city has its beautiful retreats into nature. Lucky for you, Montreal has plenty, with Montreal Botanical Gardens being one of the more popular ones. The 190-acre botanical gardens features 10 large greenhouses with a specific theme for each. The gardens house thousands of species of plant life, over 20,000 to be more exact. Other than more common Japanese gardens and other heritage gardens, Montreal’s Botanical Gardens feature a toxic plant garden, popular among the kids. The gardens also feature an insectarium, which is one of the largest insect museums on the continent. They feature over 250,000 insects in their museum. The gardens and the insectarium are open daily from 9 am to about 6 or 7 pm. Admission for adults costs about $15.50, and admission for kids aged 5 to 17 costs about $8.


Who doesn’t like beautiful art? Gaze at and admire fascinating works from a variety of famous artists like Rembrandt, Renoir, and more at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Aside from works of art, the museum features World War I and II artifacts, a collection of 18th century English porcelain. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. On Wednesday, extended hours are offered, with the museum closing only at 9 pm. Admission for adults 31 years and older costs about $17 and about $11 for visitors aged 13 to 30. This price includes admission to most major exhibitions, but some temporary exhibits charge an additional fee. For special and temporary exhibits, adults aged 31+ are usually charged around $12.


The Notre-Dame Basilica is a massive church designed by James O’Donnell in 1824. The basilica was constructed in the Gothic Revival style; it features beautiful and intricate statues, stained glass, embellishments, and so much more. While you certainly can learn a lot by exploring by yourself, you can learn a lot more if you take one of the basilica’s guided tours. Tours generally last about 20 minutes. The Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal is open from 8 am to 4:30 pm on the weekdays, from 8 am to 4 pm on Saturday, and from 12:30 pm to 4 pm on Sundays. Admission into the attraction costs about $4.50 for adults and about $3 for kids aged 7 to 17. For kids under 7, admission is free. Guided tours are included in the price of admission, but more in-depth tours are offered for additional costs.


It’s always best to start learning about a city from its history. Learn about Montreal’s founding and past at the Museum of Archaeology and History. If you head underground in the facility, you can learn about the city’s original settlement and development of the city to the present day. Aside from exhibits featuring archaeological finds and historical backgrounds, the museum is the host of several festivals and events during the summer. The museum is open Monday to Friday from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening. On Saturday and Sunday, the museum opens at 11 am and closes at 6 pm. Admission for adults cost around $16.50, $11 for students aged 18 to 30, around $10 for teens under 18, and $6 for kids aged 5 to 12. Those younger than 5 enter for free.




Best Way to Tour Montreal

The best way to tour the city of Montreal (as well as many other cities) is by chartered buses and vans. Explore at your own pace within the safety of your private vehicle. Don’t worry about ordering an Uber or Lyft when you have your own exploration vehicle. Through Prompt Bus Charters, you can order the buses you need. Prompt Bus Charters is an amazing, affordable chartered vehicle company that caters to your every needs. Whether you need a bus for school trips, marriages, parties, campaigns, or whatever else, Prompt Bus Charters can help you. Prompt Bus Charters offers buses, mini buses, school buses, party buses, and more. Most activities and destinations listed above and below are accessible by chartered buses. Visit to book your rental bus today!




Best Places to Eat/Shop

  • Place Ville Marie – The Place Ville Marie is a large shopping complex located in downtown Montreal. The mall features over 80 shops, stores, boutiques, and plenty of places to grab a bite.
  • Place Montreal Trust –The Place Montreal Trust is another great place to shop. The Place Montreal Trust is a huge five-story shopping mall featuring plenty of stores, services, and dining options.
  • Complexe Desjardins –The Complexe Desjardins is an indoor shopping complex that features a variety of apparel stores, home décor stores, a food court with plenty of quick bits, and a grocery store.
  • Le Centre Eaton de Montreal –The Le Centre Eaton de Montreal is a large mall that is home to several well-known stores that carry apparel, accessories, and electronics. They also have plenty of eateries.
  • Restaurant Tandem –Restaurant Tandem is a popular sit-down restaurant in Montreal. The French-inspired restaurant features a variety of dishes, with many vegetarian and vegan options. The Restaurant Tandem is rated the #1 fine-dining restaurant in Montreal by tripadvisor in 2018.
  • Bistro 1843 –Bistro 1843 is a restaurant in Montreal that features local ingredients in their dishes. The French restaurant features a multitude of dishes, including gluten free options. Bistro 1843 is rated the #1 local cuisine restaurant in Montreal by tripadvisor in 2018.



Have fun in Montreal!

How to Enjoy Amarillo, Texas

Places to Visit/Things to Do

If you’re looking to visit an entertaining amusement park, head over to Wonderland Amusement Park. Located in Thompson Memorial Park, the Wonderland Amusement Park is a popular attraction that operates during the months of March through September. The Wonderland Amusement Park is the perfect place to enjoy with your family, especially if you’re bringing your kids with you on your trip to Amarillo, Texas. Wonderland Amusement Park is open different hours, depending on the day and month. To stay updated with their hours, check out their website. Prices also depend on what day you visit. One of the prices you can pay for is the WOW pass, which covers all the rides except certain ones. The prices of the WOW pass range from $16.95 to $24.95. The second pricing option is the Ultimate WOW pass, which covers all the rides. These also range in price, from $31.95 to $39.95.


If you enjoy art, consider visiting the Amarillo Museum of Art. Located within the premises of Amarillo College within Amarillo, Texas, you can find the popular art museum. Art-wise, this museum is the most popular in the area. Founded in 1972, the museum displays mainly 20th century art, including watercolor paintings from the artist Georgia O’Keeffe. The Amarillo Museum of Art is open from 10 am to 5 pm on Tuesday through Friday, and from 1 pm to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. They are closed on Mondays and major holidays. The Amarillo Museum of Art is a perfect place for an art class field trip, with the pricing available on their website. For normal visitors, admission is free.


One of the most popular outdoor attractions is the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Palo Duro is a canyon system in the vicinity of Amarillo. The Palo Duro Canyon is the second-largest canyon in the United States, only beaten by the Grand Canyon of Arizona. The average width is about 6 miles, but the width reaches 20 miles at certain points. At the state park, you can miles of trails and paths, where you can burn calories while observing the natural wildlife. There are also several campsites where you and your friends or family can stay at. The park is open to the public every day from 7 am to 10 pm. The park headquarters opens at 8 am. To enter Palo Duro Canyon State Park, there are very minimal charges of $5 per adult. For kids under 13, admission is free.


Amarillo has plenty of outdoor activities (as you can see above), but many require plenty of walking and exercise. If you just want a relaxing outdoor activity, visit the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. Here, you can view the native flora of the area, as well as many other beautiful plants and trees. The seasonal gardens are comprised of 4 acres of plants, and the gardens also feature an indoor tropical conservatory. The Amarillo Botanical Gardens is open at different hours during the summer season and the winter. During summer hours, they are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm, and 1 to 5 pm on Sundays. During the winter hours, they are open from 9 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Friday, Saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm, and closed on Sundays, Mondays, and holidays. Admission costs $5 for adults, $4 for seniors 60 and over, $2 for kids. Those under 5 are free.


Who doesn’t like animals? If you do like them, head over to Amarillo Zoo. Here, you can find an assortment of animals, such as bison, panthers, birds, and plenty of exotic creatures. You can also spot lions, giraffes, tigers, bears, and more traditional zoo animals. The Amarillo Zoo is open everyday from 9:30 am to 5 pm. They are closed on major holidays. On Tuesday through Sunday, admission for adults costs $4, $3 for seniors over 62, $2 for kids 3 to 12, and free for those under 3. On Monday, admission for adults costs $2, $1.50 for seniors, $1 for kids aged 3 to 12, and free for those under 3. Having a fun day at this zoo won’t break your account. That’s one of the main reasons you should visit the Amarillo Zoo while in town.


Best Way to Tour Amarillo, TX

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Best Places to Eat/Shop

  • Westgate Mall –Amarillo has two main shopping malls. The Westgate Mall is the more popular of the two. They feature plenty of shops, stores, dining options, and services. Some stores include American Eagle, Dillard’s, Hollister, JCPenney, Pacsun, and more.
  • Wolflin Square – Wolflin Square is the second of the two main shopping malls in Amarillo. Wolflin Square is a more local mall, featuring more services and local businesses than Westgate Mall. They feature home décor stores, simple dining options, services, and more.
  • Ohms Café & Catering – Ohms Café & Catering is one of the most popular sit-down restaurants in Amarillo. The American-International restaurant features plenty of options for different types of eaters, including gluten-free options. Ohms is rated the best fine-dining restaurant in Amarillo by tripadvisor in 2018.
  • Tyler’s Barbecue – Who doesn’t enjoy a great barbecue meal? Enjoy one at Tyler’s Barbecue, one of the most popular joints in the Amarillo area. Tyler’s Barbecue is rated the #1 local cuisine restaurant in Amarillo by tripadvisor in 2018.
  • Evocation Coffee – Everyone needs a cup of joe at one point. Get some amazing coffee and teas at Evocation Coffee. The American café features plenty of items on their menu, mainly for breakfast. Evocation Coffee is rated the #1 coffee & tea café in Amarillo by tripadvisor in 2018.



What to Do in Stamford, CT

Places to Visit/Things to Do

Unfortunately, Stamford doesn’t have any mainstream zoos or aquariums, but you do have the Stamford Museum & Nature Center. This is the closest you can get to a zoo in Stamford, with a small number of animals that includes two otters. The museum and nature center itself is geared primarily for the kids, but any ages can enjoy here. The museum is filled with hands-exhibits, especially those perfect for young ones. The facility is open from 9 am to 5 pm, but hours may change depending on the time of the year. They are also closed on major holidays. Admission into the Stamford Museum & Nature Center costs $12 for adults, $2 less for seniors above 65, $8 for students above 18 with a valid ID, and $6 for kids aged 4 to 17. Members and children under 4 are free.


Stamford is full of historical sites. One of them is the Caumsett State Park. This is a state park that is located on a peninsula stretching into the Long Island Sound. The park is located on an English-style estate with sporting and recreational amenities, trails for those who enjoy nature, and more. The manor house is also part of the state park. The estate was owned by Marshall Field III when he purchased the lands in 1921. He named the land after its Indian name, Caumsett. He built upon his estate, adding everything a man could ever want, such as a country club, hunting preserve, and sporting facilities for almost every sport. Caumsett State Park is open from 9 am to 9 pm.


Located in nearby New Canaan, Connecticut, is the Glass House. The Glass house, also known as the Johnson house, is a historic home that is made of glass. Built in 1948 and 1949, it was designed by Philip Johnson to be his own home. While it originally started out as his home, it now is one of the most unique attractions in Connecticut. You can book a tour of this unique house anywhere from the beginning of May to the end of November. Tours are given on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. They are not open on Tuesday and Wednesday. The hours for every day except Sunday is from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. On Sundays, they open at 11:30 am and close at 5:30 pm. For just a tour of the glass house, tickets cost $25 for one hour. For more in-depth tours of both the house and galleries, there is a higher cost.


Stamford has several parks, but Cove Island is one of the most popular. The 83-acre park is also comprised of a beachfront that is located on the Long Island Sound. Cove Island is popular among residents and tourists alike mainly due to its activity opportunities such as rollerblading, biking, walking, barbecuing, swimming, and much more. There is also a tram which you can ride around the island in. One of the main reasons people visit this park is to have a picnic here. Aside from the park itself, the view goes perfect with a bite to eat. To get into Cove Island, there is no fee unless you arrive in a vehicle, in which case there would be a parking fee.


A great way to wrap up your visit to Stamford is to visit the Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens. The 93-acre attraction features several things within their doors, such as events and concerts, children’s camps and educational programs, and more. The botanical gardens showcases the flora and terrain of Southwestern New England. The Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens grounds are open every day from dawn till dusk. The office of the attraction is open from 9 am to 4 pm Mondays through Fridays. If there are special events going on, hours might change. The admission into Bartlett is free, unless certain events charge admission.


Best Way to Tour Stamford, CT

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Best Places to Eat/Shop

  • Stamford Town Center – The Stamford Town Center, located in downtown Stamford, is one of the largest shopping malls in Connecticut. The mall is home to 3 anchor tenants, and it features over 100 stores, restaurants, and services.
  • High Ridge Shopping Center – The High Ridge Shopping Center is another popular shopping destination within Stamford. They feature convenient every-day stores like grocery stores, as well as clothing retailers.
  • Ridgeway Shopping Center – The Ridgeway Shopping Center is probable the second most popular mall in Stamford, coming after the Stamford Town Center. While it does seem kind of small, the mall features a decent variety of shops to choose from.
  • Columbus Park Trattoria – Who doesn’t enjoy eating a fancy meal once in a while? If you decide to do so, head over to the Columbus Park Trattoria. The Italian restaurant is rated the #1 fine-dining restaurant in Stamford by tripadvisor (in 2018).
  • Olio – If you’re looking for a great local place to eat at, head over to Olio. The American-International restaurant is both vegetarian and vegan friendly. It is rated the #1 local place to eat at in Stamford by tripadvisor (in 2018).



Enjoy your Trip!


The Providence Vacation – Providence, RI

Places to Visit/Things to Do

The State House is the active seat of Rhode Island government, but it more known for its amazing architecture. The State House’s dome is the fourth largest self-supported dome in the world. The largest is St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. A painting by a Rhode Island artist can be seen from inside of the dome. The State House also contains artifacts of American history. Some of these include a gun from the Battle of Gettysburg, a portrait of George Washington, and even a replica of Liberty Bell. Free guided tours of the State House are available starting at 9 am and ending at 2 pm. Tours last about 50 minutes. The State House is open all year Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


Clustered on the campus of the Rhode Island School of Design, you can find their museum. Inside, you can find more than 91,000 works of art put on display. Some pieces came from famous artists, such as Money, Degas, and more. Gothic and Medieval collections are also on display within the museum. The RISD Museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm on Tuesday through Sunday. On Thursday, hours are extended until 9 pm. Entrance for adults costs $12 and $3 for kids aged 5 to 18. If the admission is too pricey for you, consider heading to the museum on a Sunday or the third Thursday evening of each month. Fees are waived on these days.


Who doesn’t love animals? If you do, head over to Roger Williams Park Zoo, where you can find over 100 species of animals. While this may not seem like a lot, the experience is still enjoyable especially for the young ones. The zoo and its animals are spread over the facility’s 435 acres. Some animals include giraffes, moon bears, and snow leopards. Expect to see even more exhibit in the future, as the museum continues to expand. The Roger Williams Zoo is also one of the oldest in the country, opening to the public in 1872. The zoo is open from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon from October to March, and they stay open one extra hour from April to September. Entrance to the zoo for adults costs $17.95, $12.95 for kids aged 2 to 12, and discounted costs for seniors over the age of 62.


Looking for entertainment in Providence? The Providence Performing Arts Center is a popular venue known for its history and its events. It originally was known as Loew’s Movie Palace when it opened in 1928, then it later became the “Jewel of Weybosset Street.” The building itself was designed by George and C.W. Rapp of Chicago; they incorporated columns of marble, crystal chandeliers, and more into their designs off the venue. One of the best to enjoy the center is to attend one of their shows or performances. Hours and prices depend on the show or performance. If you want to catch one of their shows, stay updated with their website.


If you enjoy cooking, or want to learn more about it, the Culinary Arts Museum is the place to go. Covering 25,000 square feet on the Johnson & Wales University campus, the museum showcases basically everything about cooking. From vintage cookbooks and tools to learning about famous chefs, the Culinary Arts Museum has it all.They even pay respect to chefs who have cooked for American presidents.The museum is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Entrance for adults costs $7, a dollar less for seniors, $4 for college students, and $3 for kids 5 to 18.



Best Way to Tour Providence, RI

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Best Place to Eat/Shop

  • Providence Place –Providence Place is a huge shopping mall with everything you need. Inside, you can find traditional mall stores, as well as some local stores. Providence Place also has an amazing foodcourt with a variety of cuisines.
  • The Arcade Providence – The Arcade Providence is a historic shopping mall that was built in downtown Providence in 1828. The Arcade is one of the oldest malls in the country. Inside, you can find shops, restaurants, and services.
  • Federal Hill –Home of the Italian immigrant community of the 19th century, it is most known for its history and food. You can take several food tours in the area. The district features many Italian restaurants, shops, and more.
  • Gracie’s – Who doesn’t like a nice, fancy restaurant. Well, that is what Gracie’s is. The American restaurant is also both vegetarian and vegan friendly. Although pricey ($$$$), it is rated the #1 fine dining restaurant in Providence by tripadvisor (in 2018).
  • Waterman Grille –What better than tasty local food? After you eat your fancy meal at Gracie’s, head to Waterman Grille for another meal. The American restaurant, which features mainly seafood, is also both vegetarian and vegan friendly. It is rated the #1 local restaurant in Providence by tripadvisor (in 2018).


Enjoy your Vacation!

How to Enjoy Little Rock, AR

Things to Do/Places to Visit

The Arkansas State Capitol is a must see attraction when you visit Little Rock. Built between 1899 and 1915, the capitol building was built on the site of the state penitentiary. A unique fact is that the prisoners helped with the construction. Not only is the building known for its history and government role, its architecture is also an important part. The building is made of limestone and marble, with the cupola made of 24-carat gold leaf. Inside the capitol, you can find a duplicate of the Liberty Bell, the Confederate War Prisoners Memorial, as well as other memorials. Because it is still an active house of government, you can watch legislators at work from public galleries. Entrance and tours are free. On weekdays, the capitol is open from 7 am to 5 pm, although some parts open later. On weekends and holidays, they are open from 10 am to 5 pm.


The oldest museum in the city, the Museum of Discovery is a history and natural science facility. Originally established in 1927 as the Arkansas Museum of Natural History and Antiquities, the name was changed to the Museum of Discovery in 1998. Inside, you can find over 14,000 artifacts and exhibits of live insects and other animals. Throughout the year, the museum hosts educational programs, camps in summertime, and hands-on science exhibits. The Museum of Discovery is the perfect place for a school field trip, as well as just a normal trip with your family. Admission for adults cost $10 and $8 for children under 13, seniors, teachers, and military personnel. On Tuesday to Saturday, they are open from 9 am to 5 pm. On Sunday, they are open from 1 to 5 pm. On Monday, it is open from 9 am to 5 pm, but they are closed if school is session.


Learn about the state’s history at the Historic Arkansas Museum, located in the oldest part of Little Rock. The museum is made up of several historic buildings, one of them being the Hinderliter House. The Hinderliter House is the oldest building in the city. Formerly called the Arkansas Territorial Restoration, the facility features historic houses, galleries, log cabins and buildings, and restored houses. These buildings bring Arkansas’ frontier past to life. The seven galleries, which contain art and artifacts, show different objects that reflect the creativity of Arkansans, Indian life of the area, a knife gallery, as well as other galleries and exhibits. Admission into the grounds is $2.50 for adults, $1.50 for seniors, and $1 for children under 18. Hours of the museum vary by the different parts, such as the museum center, historic grounds, and store.


If you’re looking for the best art galleries in Little Rock, and perhaps ever Arkansas, the Arkansas Arts Center is the place to go. In 1914, it was founded as the Fine Arts Club of Arkansas; in 1960, the museum was officially founded as the Arkansas Arts Center. The permanent collections features famous artists such as Degas, Redon, Rembrandt, Picasso, and more. The museum also features a museum school, a children’s theater, a restaurant, and more. If you’re having a large party or wedding, the main atrium and lecture can be rented out. The museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm on Tuesday through Saturday, and from 11 am to 5 pm on Sunday. The hours for the administrative office and Canvas restaurant are different. Entrance to the museum is free, but special events and exhibits might cost you money.


The largest zoo in the state, the Little Rock Zoo is comprised of 33 acres. When it was founded in 1926, it began with just a few animals. Today, it has expanded to house over 725 animals that are made up of over 200 species. The zoo is split into four zones. The North Zone contains exhibits like those of the African continent, while the South Zone is geared more for young children with a Children’s Farm and an Elephant Barn. Great Apes and other primates are featured in the East Zone, while giraffes, bears, and other carnivores make up the West Zone. Throughout the year, the zoo also offers programs, especially for kids and those in school. The zoo is open every day except special days and holidays. Through September 4thto February 28th (Winter Hours), the zoo is open from 9 am to 4 pm. From March 1st to September 3rd, it is open from 9 am to 5 pm. For adults (13+), admission costs $12.95, $10.95 for seniors (60+) and military personnel, $9.95 for those aged 3 to 12, and free for those 2 and under.


A privately-owned garden intended for public use, the Bernice Garden was founded in 2007. The Bernice Garden is a great example of the Arkansans’ creativity and design, as “both temporary and permanent sculptures are designed by local Arkansas artists.” Throughout the garden, you can find benches, mosaics, and more. Some plants of the garden include flowers, herbs, and a variety of native plants.  One of the most popular exhibits, the wildflower garden, attracts beautiful insects such as butterflies, dragonflies, and moths. Other than exhibits, the garden is also host to a farmer’s market and a vintage market. The garden is open daily from 6 am to 11 pm. Special events and the farmers market cost/may cost money.



Best Way to TourLittle Rock, AR

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Best Places to Eat/Shop

  • Pleasant Ridge Town Center –Pleasant Ridge is Little Rock’s premier shopping center. It features all from department stores as well as a market. You can also grab a great bite-to-eat here.
  • Outlets of Little Rock –A popular outlet mall, theOutlets of Little Rock features great stores as well as several dining options. Popular stores/brands here include Banana Republic, Chico’s, GAP, J. Crew, and more.
  • Promenade At Chenal – Another popular shopping mall, the Promenade at Chenal offers health, fashion, shoe, jewelry, and technology stores, as well as several services and dining options.
  • Park Plaza Mall –At the Park Plaza Mall, you can enjoy time with your friends as you shop, eat, and do more activities. Here, you can find big-name brands as well as more common ones. They also offer a variety of dining cuisine.
  • Brave New Restaurant –If you’re looking for an amazing sit-down restaurant, the Brave New Restaurant is the place to go. The American steakhouse is rated the #1 fine dining restaurant in Little Rock by tripadvisor.
  • The Root Café –Who doesn’t like local food? Head over to the Root Café, one of the best local restaurants. The American restaurant is rated the #1 local cuisine restaurant in Little Rock by tripadvisor.



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