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California State Fair –really a big affair! trip package at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

You will enjoy the California fair and you can see that the vent is just wonderful to say the least about it. You will enjoy a lot about them like the rides, games, along with the mind bogging entertainment for that matter.

What about enjoying the giant bug exhibit along with its robotic insects! And if you are a music lover, then literally you will find here a lot in the form of musical performance by great artists like Casey James, Moonwalker, etc.


cali stae fair

Kids! It is just your place and you will enjoy the fun associated with it and the California Kidz Kitchen will be its special focusing on the talents of young bakers and chefs.

And there’s a plenty of contests for adults! Even if you’re not competing you won’t want to miss competitions featuring creative arts, visual arts, karaoke, and performing arts. You can also participate in the livestock competitions for animals.

Enjoy the horse racing as well here.

Added to all these are the fireworks, water park rides, nice food, etc along with the

NASA Glenn Visitor Center – true portrait of human expedition tour exploration at comeptitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

Have you ever been to the NASA Glenn Visitor Center which will render you the opportunity to gain valuable insights about a lot of space related elements and you will be equipped with lot of valuable pieces of information in the spheres like the personal aspects of the lives of the famous lives of astronauts, the inter-network of the solar system, along with the International Space Station, etc along with the

You will get here the Visitor Center auditorium along with its space for the interactive presentations.

nasa glenn

The Field trip groups will sure to attract you along with its facility for participating in the scavenger hunt.

NASA also gives you the teaching material for both teachers and students.

Specialized programs available here for various categories like;

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade: “Living in Space”. –Focus is on the basics of astronaut life.
3rd Grade – 4th Grade: “Planets”. Focus is on the solar system.
5th Grade – 6th Grade: “Principles of Flight”. Focus is on the airplane flight and models.
7th Grade – 12th Grade: “International Space Station”. Focus is on the life in the space station along with the findings of the space station astronauts.

You can depend on the cost effective charter buses to visit the place and the Prompt Bus Charters can help you out!

Glimpse of the Charter Bus 101 along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

The understand the fact that many of our esteemed clients are unaware of the charter buses and have no awareness about the charter bus options we render to them.

Hence our efforts to bring before you some ideas about the different bus types and in the coming blogs, we will for sure give you a grand picture regarding different types of sizes along with its models, and then you will be left with a host of options for that matter.

We can tell you that each bus has its unique specifications and use regarding their types of group sand trips.

As the professional travel agency and brand it is our duty to guide you so that you will get a fair idea regarding the nuances of a charter bus and its allied aspects for that matter.

The first comes the mini coach followed by the standard deluxe motor coach. And you will get more from us on the luxury coaches like the entertainer coaches, etc.

We will keep you regularly posted on all these, and keep you updated and informed and our hope is that after going through all these, you will get affair idea with regard to the options before you regarding the charter buses available you for that matter.

It is official! Outing, dining and of course some business! along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

From our experience in the field of organising travel and trips, the can tell you that Chicago is pone of the foremost spot for the business travel and meetings.

The interesting part is that a major chunk of these meetings are taking place outside the office adds to its charm. And what about charting a bus and going to Chicago and scheduling the business meetings and conferences for that matter!

There are some good restaurants and business points to for your business schedules.

The Market Bar in Chicago being one among them along with its multi-faceted restaurant facilities and suitable for all sizes. You can visit here for a small lunch session and there are also private spaces available.

You will find here the beer garden along with its choosy menu with its American foods.

You will get ample help by the Prompt Bus Charters once you demand our service for the large group travel to this location as we are equipped with the mini coach, deluxe motor coaches as well.

You will get the hassle free parking, good directions, etc.


Rendering a green touch to officialdom! tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

It is a fashion nowadays that the formality of organising the conferences in the official rooms have given way to find out so many other options to help you out and fix your business meetings as well.

It is organizing your business meeting along with fun and enjoyment!

What about having the meting point at the golf course? The prospects of building a long term business and just rendering a nice environ for business discussion is great in the natural environ like the golf course and it is great even for larger groups as well.

Take your employees to an afternoon to the golf course and the charter bus can render you the facility to transport the office to the stipulated location and thus they got a relaxed atmosphere along with the

You might be knowing that a regular 18-hole golf course will facilitate play for nearly 120 staff.

For the enhancement of business relationships, you can rely on the golf course and needless to say it being a nice option to enjoy the summer as well.

Universal Studios- a novel experience tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

Universal studios is an internationally well known entity and just book a charter bus with the Prompt Bus Charters and make a nice journey to see and explore the studio.



You will be get interested by the vast array of things that the studio offers along with its numerous rides and the new King Kong 360-3D which is the intense sensory experience bringing a high-fi 3D experience.

You will see here the nuances of Hollywood’s blockbusters along with the world’s largest movie studio till date.

You can see here the Special Effects Stage, and the technicalities of special effects creation movies can be seen here.

Then there is the City Walk which is the nice spot for fulltime fun. Its numerous upscale restaurants, movie theaters, concert halls, comedy clubs are sure to enthrall you.

You can find here in the Universal with many ticket options available live on their website, and they can even help you in getting the hotel rooms for sty as well.

You can contact the for a great journey experience to this unforgettable place!

Different makes and the Deluxe motor coach brand exploration and enjoyment with the Prompt Bus Charters

The Deluxe motor coaches, as you might have seen, manufactured in different models and makes and that will resemble a car. In fact different companies have attached different amenities to them mainly to make travel an engaging purpose for that matter.

You might be interested to know that one of the top manufactures of the deluxe motor coaches being the Motor coach Industries (MCI) and it is interesting to see the having a cluster of them.

However, the size of these motor coaches varies from the capacity of 40-55 passenger buses. And you will love its professional amenities like high back reclining seats along with its restrooms being some among them.

Slight differences in styling are the major difference in deluxe motorcoach models. Today, we will be discussing MCI and its models of charter buses.

However, it was one Harry Zoltok who formed the Fort Garry Motor Body and Paint Works and created the 40-foot coach.

You will be interested to know that it had had the unique honour of being the ever best selling brand in the US.

Highlight of it is that its parts are easily available and you can easily MCI parts are easily and readily available with lot of service points all across the North America.


The story of the Prevost car and the story of nice tripping as well tour exploration at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

You might be wondering that the whenever there is a discussion on the Motor Coach Industries, you can sure of the fact that the Prevost Car should not be left out or missed.

You might be knowing that it is ideal for the long distance trip and it is one of the versions of the charter bus as well.



In fact it is manufactured by Volvo, and Prevost is considered to be common place deluxe motor coaches available for that matter.

In fact the origin of the Prevost Car can be traced back to 1924 when it was manufactured in its wooden format and by the year 1945, Prevost took a modern and sophisticated form like in the cabinet business and made exclusively for the motorcoaches, later manufactured the metal body coaches for that matter.

You will find the year 1960’s saw the vehicle undergoing major changes as its expansion took place along with building dealerships in the US.

Needless to say that in modern day it is in the market as the leader brand along with its deluxe motor coaches and it goes on making presence as the design award winner on account of its motor coach designs.

Prevost motor coach models are put to use for the mainly for the sleeper or the entertainer coaches.

You can approach the for getting quote for this for your travel.

Trip to Yosemite or America’s “Crown Jewel” tour exploration at competitive rats along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

Enjoy your trip to Yosemite and the reasons that make such a blog on it are many. This is also well known as the “Crown Jewel” as far as the park system in the US is concerned.



Nothing to get tensed…you will reach here easily through a few hours drive from San Francisco for that matter.

The mesmerising appeal of the park will absorb you along with its ninety minute guided tour and then you are taken through the El Capitan, Half Donre, Bridalveil Fall, etc.

Just enjoy the walk through the Yosemite Falls areas, pay a visit to the Ansel Adams Gallery and if you opt you can go for the hiking a trial as well. The best ways to enjoy!

San Francisco Bay Cruise-real time experience tour at competitive rates along with the Prompt Bus Charters in US

The cruise on the San Francisco Bay and a journey through it will be just mesmerizing experience for you and needless to say that it will render a unique joy of the sort along with the

The journey will last only for one hour but you experience will last longer and you can enjoy the cruise toward the Golden Gate Bridge.

You will see the Fort Mason, St. Francis Yacht Club, Marina District along with the Presidio as well.

Are you interested in photography…if yes…it will be one of the most mesmerizing spots for taking snapshots …the scenic Golden Gate Bridge!

Moreover, your cruise towards the Marin Headlands will showcase before you Angel Island and Alcatraz as well.

You will sure to enjoy the Fisherman’s Wharf and adjacent to it is the Embarcadero.

San Francisco Bay Cruise Details

Duration: 1 hour


10:00 am, 10:45 am, 11:15 am, 12:00 pm, 1:10 pm, 1:40 pm, 2:30 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:45 pm, 4:15 pm, 5:00 pm & 6:15 pm daily